Why do people insist on eating animals, when it is clogging their bodies with fat that can and does kill many?!

Question: Why do people insist on eating animals, when it is clogging their bodies with fat that can and does kill many?
40 years vegan and three raw food.


Honestly, IGNORANCE!!!!!!!!!

Just because animals cant talk, its alright. I'm a Catholic Vegan, and it goes against
one of the most important commandments-Thou Shalt not Kill-and everyone goes on
about unborn babies having rights, but an animal doesnt?

Hardcore Vegan, with my head switched on!

Because to the average person, eating veg/vegan can be more expensive, more tasteless, and less traditional.

And in theory, it makes sense to eat meat (maybe not to the degree that many do) -- what better to enrich your complex animal body with the stuffs required to make and maintain a complex animal body than animal body parts. Cannibalism is the ideal for this, but since many cultures consider this taboo, humans across the globe opt to each pretty much every other life form.

My own reasoning

My opinion: I do not view killing animals for taking their flesh to use for energy a moral act and I have taken red meat out of my diet as a result. But that is because of how I feel toward the helpless animal's rights to live, not because animal meat is harmful to my body. The clogging of fat in the body arises from high cholesterol, added sugar, and saturated and (especially) trans fat. These are present in oily foods (such as fast food) and excessive amounts of junk food (chips and etc...). In fact, meat has many nutrients (i.e. vitamins, minerals, protein) that is difficult to gain from a diet solely based on plants. Fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B6 in chicken are two examples.

Eating some meat is perfectly good for u and provides us with essential protein for those who dont want to eat only fruits and vegetables. Lots of red meat is bad for you so like with everything, moderation is the key. Plus meat tastes delicious! I think obtaining your nutrients from varied sources is healthiest as long as you eat good quality and pesticide/hormone free food. Ppl die from eating too much red meat bc it clogs arteries, eating the recommended 4 oz serving and cooking it properly isn't causing ppl to get fat or clogging their arteries. if u dont choose to eat meat and obtain your nutrients elsewhere than go you but most would get bored with eating only raw fruits vegetables and legumes.

Fresh lean meat doesn't clog peoples bodies with fat.

A lack of exercise and Twinkies, fast food, chips, soda, fries, mac & cheese, Oreos, cookies, and all kind of other junk food does.

If meat in general clogs peoples arteries, then why are there literally Billions of healthy omnivores on this planet?

My Grandma eats meat and she is 86 years old and VERY healthy. It isn't the meat it's how they are cooking it or the other junk they are eating. I have grown up eating red meat just about everyday for at least one meal and never sick. If you are active a lot of that stuff isn't really as bad for you as it can be.

Its not clogging my arteries. Billions of people eat meat and live long lives. Even vegetarians and vegans can eat junk food. People with food related health problems have them because of lack of exercise and eating junk food.

Just because you're a vegan or a vegetarian, doesn't exempt you from getting fat or having clogged arteries!

We will all die sometime. Many people die in car accidents so maybe you should stop driving.

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