What does it feel like to become vegetarian?!

Question: What does it feel like to become vegetarian?
i want to become a vegetarian but i don't know what foods to eat and what not to eat. My parents are okay with it and i want to start as soon as possible but every time i eat something i regret it thinking i might have eating something i shouldn't have


okay. so some of the things people described on here are vegans
here's the difference.
vegans- eat no animal by products or anything that would cause harm to an animal (no meat, milk, dairy, red dye- because of the bugs/the dye being tested on animals, or gluten, or honey- bees)
vegetarians- don't eat the meat from the animals (no meat)

I am a vegan and I know that when I first switched I lost some weight and began to feel better about myself, my skin also got a lot smoother and softer (because I wasn't getting the added growth hormones that usually come in dairy and meat)
You really have to become vegetarian on morals to really enjoy it. If you'd like to and are halfway there, I suggest visiting PETAS website, it can really open your eyes. when I went vegan I went on there and they have a list called "accidentally vegan" where I learned some of my favorite snacks, like oreos and some ice cream bars are actually vegan. i still die a little inside when I see cheez its (my FAVORITE post-vegan snack but I feel better and, ultimately, look better)
It's a life style, thats for sure, though.
It's hard to eat out- ESPICALLY IF YOU GO VEGAN! you get sick of people saying "well, there'll be salad" :D
good lick


Don't freak out over everything you put in your mouth! Food can be really enjoyable and nourishing - it shouldn't be a source of stress.

Do some research on ingredients that come from animals to find out the basic things you want to avoid. Find and print out the vegetarian food pyramid and make sure you get foods from each food group every day. You want healthy carbs, like whole wheat bread and pasta and brown rice, fruits, veggies, protein (such as beans or nuts) and a source of calcium - dairy works well, if you're okay with eating it.

Also, look for vegetarian recipes online. Being a vegetarian doesn't mean you have to live off cheese and peanut butter. You can try Indian, Italian, even some Mexican dishes. Keep it interesting, vary your diet, and DON'T freak out! Enjoy your food - don't stress about it.

First you should have a reason to go veggie. Meat is delicious and is nutritious. If you still object to eating meat and are a true vegan, You need to read labels very carefully and understand that animal byproducts are used to process many products besides meat and dairy. Cane Sugar is one of them... You will feel guilty every time you drink a soda...

If it caused an animal to die, you don't eat it. Thanks to the Information Age, all you need to do is Google ingredients you're not sure of.

If that's too much work, just eat food that grew out of the ground. You know, vegetables, legumes, fruit, seeds, nuts and grains!

If it helps, I have a recipe blog for vegan cooking. Easy stuff and inexpensive, too! http://dailyveganeats.tumblr.com

it certainly doesn't feel as good as a person who eats both meat and vegetables. who actually enjoys eating vegetables?

well it's not that hard, but you can make it alot harder... it depends on how strict you want to be...

Some say it approaches Nirvana

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