I am a vegan but I eat A LOT of food?!

Question: I am a vegan but I eat A LOT of food?
Typical day:
Breakfast: bowl of JustRight with soy milk or rice milk
Morning tea: apple and hand full of almonds
Lunch: Bean mix with sesame seeds
Afternoon tea: can of pineapple
Dinner: (large bowl) of noodles with eggplant and broccoli

Is this an OK food plan? I don't want to gain weight, what do you think?


I would add in more fruits and veggies...especially dark green leafy veg like kale and spinach. These are nutritional power houses and don't have many calories, especially if you eat them with cider vinegar instead of an oily salad dressing. Try joining sparkpeople.com its free and you can find out what nutrients you're not getting enough of, so you can supplement while you're trying to lose weight. Personally I think this is OK for a weight loss plan but you should probably be eating more if you want to maintain your weight. Offhand to me it looks like you may need more calcium and iron, also make sure you are supplementing B12 if you don't eat Red Star nutritional yeast or another B12 fortified yeast. You also aren't eating a lot of wholegrains. If you are aiming to lose weight taking a multivitamin is a good idea because many of the fattiest vegan foods are the most nutritious.

That doesn't look like a lot of food to me. I say eat when you are hungry (really hungry, not bored or sad), don't when you are not. I try to get equal parts of fruits, veggies, whole grains and beans or potatoes into every meal. Throw a handful of nuts or seeds in there three or four times a week and you are set! Oh, don't forget to sprinkle some ground flax on at least one of your meals per day or enjoy some flax seed crackers as a snack.

It seems perfectly fine to me. It's certainly a lot healthier than I eat. Just check with your doctor to make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need. Especially for vegetarians and vegans, it's a good idea to take supplements/vitamins. These diets can lack protein, iron, and things like that which are usually obtained by eating animal products. :) hope this helped!

My brain

Not too much. Whatever u be a vegan or non-wegan, the most impoetant thing is that u must be healthy. And now u have a balanced meals. So don't worry about ur food plan. I think it's good for u.

That's not a lot of food. Eat away, I don't see how you can gain weight when your barely eating to start with.

It doesn't sound alot. I don't know about the nutrition though.

That's not a lot at all.

Yes, I think this diet is health!

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