I hardly eat and most people think its unhealthy?!

Question: I hardly eat and most people think its unhealthy?
But if my body actually looks more fit ever since me skipping lunch and breakfast, is it still bad or can this be a regular diet for me
I used to be on a diet and weighed 115-120 lbs and then I worked out daily but now I'm about 100 lbs, sometimes the scale says around 95

If I never exercise and eat very little, can't that go hand in hand since I don't do anything to burn the calories I consume


No. Because you body needs other things than calories: vitamins, minerals, enzymes etc. If you are above 5" 2" you are too thin. Technically you would be better off eating just breakfast. You need exercise anyway.

"If I never exercise and eat very little, can't that go hand in hand since I don't do anything to burn the calories I consume"

Ever hear of the basal metabolic rate? You burn calories just by being alive. You need to consume a minimum amount of calories, or you will die. It's also very bad for you to never exercise.

You haven't said how many calories you are consuming, so we can't say for sure if your diet is unhealthy, although it sounds like you're not eating enough. You said how much you weigh, but that tells us nothing without knowing your height.

Anytime you skip a meal, you are hurting your body. It doesnt matter if you are small. You have to eat because if not then your metabolism will slow down and in turn your body will actually create fat. I am 115 pounds and I have maintained the same weight for years. I eat all meals whether and i workout about 3 times a week if not more just to stay healthy and have a healthy heart.

I don't know who has been advising you, but if I were you, I would definitely eat properly. you don't have to eat junk food, just eat healthy meals and you'll be fine. If not you will be doing more damage than good to yourself.

But you need protein to build and repair muscles, carbs to provide energy so your brain/body can think/move, you need calcium for strong bones, iron, minerals, vitamins to function and have a healthy immune system.

Its not all about calories and weight. Its about feeling and being healthy.

Unless you are a very tiny person, you are underweight and may have the start of an eating disorder. You should be eating several small meals during the day.
You may find yourself passed out somewhere and waking up in the ER because you fainted from malnourishment.

if you never eat and never excersize it'll last a few years or months.
Then when you get into another age group, you won't have any muscles, just sagging bits, no body tone, and you'll look like yoghurt in a plastic bag.

Depends on your age.Generally it is not healthy, but I know one person who is 80 years old and she eats just fruits once a day and feels fine. In old age, the metabolism slows down a lot and its better to eat less. How old are you?

fact: I am not involved in this question:
Fact: a weight of 100 lbs. means that he or she is eating 1000 calories a day.
Good luck.

You can maintain a healthy weight through a vegan diet. Why starve yourself?

try to concell doctor


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