any good vegan dressings for subs/sandwiches?!

Question: Any good vegan dressings for subs/sandwiches?
Store bought brands or recipes r good =]


this is my favorite, vegan honey mustard :)

If you're craving a slightly fatter dressing, you can make a spicy aioli with some vegenaise and sriracha. Just mix it together, lots of fat and lots of flavor. Good for when you're feeling... big. "Honey" mustard is always nice. You can also try making different types of barbeque sauces and slather that on some bread. Aiolis are the easiest to make I think. Just mix in a bunch of things until it tastes good, but the one ingredient you need is "mayo".

I've been into mustard and salsa lately. Mustard has no calories and the salsa we buy (Meijer [grocery store] Naturals) has only ten calories per tablespoon. I like it better than ketchup as it has more substance and flavor and less calories. (That's why I like mustard-- A lot of flavor and no calories.)

. pesto (without the Parmesan)
. hummus
. mustard
, oil and vinegar
. Sriracha
. guacamole
. salsa

in n out has a good vegan meal. :)

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