has PETA ever thrown paint at?!

Question: Has PETA ever thrown paint at?
a woman in Moscow for wearing a fur coat or demonstrated outside furriers in Russia and if they have what was the outcome of their protest..?

proof is needed please


They would not dare!
Just a bunch of self righteous snivelling cowards and bullies!
Just short shrift in the USA now trying to pick on Great Britain and the Rest of Europe!

No. I don't think so. PETA has to conduct themselves in an ethical and non violent manner. They are a large company and can be held liable for any property damage especially if the paint caused any injury to the lady.PETA was once sued by a few people from my understanding. So, maybe they did throw paint at this lady but now the company is under new rules. So, they can't do anything major to avoid law suits.

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PETA executives themselves have said that PETA does not throw paint. I do believe they said they throw flour on occasion.

vegan :D

may be

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