How to eat Ramen w/out using flavor packet?!

Question: How to eat Ramen w/out using flavor packet?
All I have in the house to eat is Chicken Ramen but I'm a vegetarian so I need to cut out the flavor packet. What should I use instead?


Salt, onion powder, garlic powder, chili powder, or whatever seasonings are in the house.

salt nutritional yeast for a CHILI flavour add some cumin or celery chopped and saluted. onion diced sour cream and chives or chicken style seasoning (not made from chicken it is seasoning alternative) my favourite to buy the oriental Ramen noodles these do not have any meat seasoning in them.

The packet is mostly salt, I doubt it has much, if any, real chicken in it. You could just eat it with no seasoning.

Next time get oriental flavor. Its just solidified soy sauce and salt, and its the best flavor.

cook it like pasta in a pot with fresh veggies, and add some herbs like cilantro, oregano, rosemary etc.
add veggie broth to bring out the savory flavor. add lemon or chili or both. add some ground black pepper.

You can drain the noodles and put either hot sauce, vegetable broth, or soy sauce on it:)

earth balance and miso paste- this is a good one.
peanut sauce ( mix soysauce with peanut butter- common in Indonesia)

Lemon juice tastes nice. Btw-- I'm a vegetarian too, but I don't not use a ramen flavor packet because of it. :P

My roommate does this, but just dumps in some frozen vegetables and salt, pepper, etc. Maybe you could add some paprika.

I would just cook in some Vegemite flavoured hot water.
Tomato sauce or any other sauce that you can take.

Olive old parley salt

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