Am I eating healthy/enough for a teen?!

Question: Am I eating healthy/enough for a teen?
Ok so I'm really wanting to eat healthier but our fridge rarely has ... I plan to exercise an hour each day and be active ad much as I can...I'm 16 5"4 and like 100-105 pounds..I also plan to treat myself to sweets in moderation as long as I burn it later on... This will be my typical eating plan: Breakfast - 1 whole wheat pita bread with 2. Tbsl of hummus and cold water or tea. Snack - serving of fruit Lunch - small bowl of salad consisting of lettuce, tomatoes, onion, cucumbers, pepper topped with 1 scrambled egg mixed In and cold water. Snack - probably a granola bar or fruit. Afterschool - a bowl of homemade air popped popcorn and a cup of fat free light yogurt And later on I might have a bowl of fruit salad


No. That sounds like fewer than 1000 calories and a teen girl not needing to lose weight needs around 2000 a day.

That's not really very much food, and a bowl of fruit isn't a substantial dinner. You're going to be incredibly hungry eating like that, especially if you're active. Add some nuts and raisins, and eat dinner!

It would be perfectly healthy, if you ate dinner. Add a nice hot dinner to that and you'll be fine.

No you are not eating enough.

dude you need to eat more. you should weigh more than thatt

No. You're going to die if you eat that little.

Breakfast for a King
whole grains cereal or whole wheat bread
2 - 4 serving of fruit
Lunch for a Queen
beans and rice you choose or a baked potato
salad with one serving of dressing
3 - 4 servings of vegetables
Supper for Paper
2 - 4 servings of fruit with the popcorn and yogurt for wrapping around the fruit or as a dip for the popcorn and skip the snack you will sleep better without the snack and your stomach will thank you in the morning.
At the end of the day 4 servings fruit and 4 servings of vegetables and 2 or 3 1/2 cup servings of beans and rice or nut butter and whole grain bread.

Well, your BMI (body mass index) is about 16.9 which is waaaaay below normal/healthy. Anything below 19 is underweight; above 25 is overweight.
I've noticed you did not add any proteins other than the eggs. Fish would be a great addition for lunch. Other than that, I think your plan is pretty good. A bit more carbs would be fine too.
I sort of get the vibe you want to lose weight; but then again i'm guessing you just want to eat healthier/ not much to do with weight.
Cardio exercises are also the best for burning fat; so i'd suggest buying a simple instrument as a skipping rope or getting on a bike for some time each day; maybe even take it to school if that's an option.
Hope this helped

That is perfectly healthy, and you are exactly where you need to be weight wise compared to your height. Dont get discouraged if you see that you're "gaining weight" as you keep exercising. Still eat the same as you are now. Chances are that youre building muscle. And since muscle weighs more than fat, you might gain a little weight but you will also look toned.

You're on your way to a fit and healthy life style, that's perfect eating !

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