There are more calories in a Subway sub than a Large Big Mac Meal so why do people think Subway is healthier?!

Question: There are more calories in a Subway sub than a Large Big Mac Meal so why do people think Subway is healthier?
Why do people kid themselves that Subway is a healthier fast-food option?!

Subway must have very good Marketing/PR because I know plenty of fat sheeple who eat Subway everyday and smugly say they are doing something good for their body and "at least it's better than McDonalds"!...when it actually isn't any better!


You're right, they do have a good PR/marketing team. It also helps that being a relatively new chain, they started at a time when people were already being very conscious of their food/eating habits. Thu they were able to start with a more modern menu. Remember that McDonald's came at a time when the criteria for a "good" restaurant was "is it cheap?, does it taste good?", and "is it convenient?" And of course, McDonald's was at one time, the biggest fast food chain WORLDWIDE and an obvious target for urban myths and groups like PETA and other anti "chain" proponents. Now that McDonald's has a more extensive menu offering healthier items, it is still largely ignored because of previous criticisms.

It's funny that people believe the PR crap many companies put out and think "yeah they are a good company looking out for my health and will being..". That's baloney. They are out for your money period. They are businesses not charitable organizations or bastions of social revolution and change. In other words, they will say what you want to hear if that means you parting with you money and straight into their pockets. Not that they are "evil", it's just what they are.

healthy foods contain vitamins and minerals, and are low in fat, sugars, and salts. Maccas is high in fat, salt and sugars. The high calorie subway sandwiches you are talking about are probably those which contain meat. You can get a sanga there with only fresh vegies, no dairy and the only unhealthy thing will be the bread. So subway wins for having more healthier options than McDeath does.

vegan biologist

not all subway sandwiches have the same exact calories because there are all different ingredients to choose from.
the veggie sub with no cheese and only oil and vinegar dressing is NOT the same calories as a big mac.
It comes down to choices and what business is it of yours what others eat??

With Subway you can eat healthy, you just have to choose your sub carefully. Some of them are pretty much loaded with fat and salt. But you can get healthy options with lots and lots of veggies. So it is a healthier option for fast food, but you still have to watch what you order.

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I don't eat at either, both stink, I mean they smell TERRIBLE, I don't like even going into them if someone I am with wants something.

And a lot of the calories is in the bread, calories dont bother me though, I could use some more.

well they have a lot of heathier options, are you trying to say a veggie sandwich or a turkey sandwich with no mayo and no cheese is worse than a big mac meal? you are seriously trippin.

Um...because health is comprised of HUNDREDS OF FACTORS BESIDES CALORIE COUNT?

I'm guessing you didn't check the fat, cholesterol, sodium, or anything ELSE differentiating the two?

LOL @ that idiocy

i dont know what is in a subway sub but im general subway has healthy choices...

mcdonalds is filled with bad fats (like saturated)

calories are not the only thing that makes something unhealthy. Overall subway is better than a pile of greece.

Calories are the least important factor as regards healthy food. Do a little basic research

Well i'm pretty good at staying thin so let me explain my rational with subway.

The bread has a lot of calories because of the carbs inside of it. If you order wheat bread your body needs the vitamins and will digest it without it building as fat. If you order flavored or white bread than that already is a ton of calories as it is because white bread gets processed as fat.

So I oder whole wheat bread.

Next, I don't eat red meat or pork meat. Pork meat is very fattening so is beef. I eat turkey or chicken because white meat is healthier.

Than, you make sure they dont put a ton of mayo and oil in your sandwich.

That would be a low fat sandwich. Or some people who really watch their diet wont even eat bread they use tortilla rolls or the tortilla rolls in subway because bread is fattening.

It sounds like your stressed out because your body isn't the weight you want it to be. If you want to be really thin you have to work at it. You run or walk a lot and you eat very healthy. If you crave sweets you eat the ones that are made for dieting. The main thing is drinking lots of water, cutting out all your sweets, and eating healthy like fruits and veggies. You might even want to stop eating red meat. So, cut your diet its not hard and eat healthy or be overweight. That's pretty much the only options.

McDonald's on the other hand is deep fried in oil so it has thousands of calories. I'll eat like a sandwich at subway but I wont even touch McDonald's. I eat at vegan stores that sell vegetarian plates and food and these people are religious and they believe in karma so they don't eat meat.

The other thing is everything in McDonald's is completely process fried junk. Its so fattening. The food is literally fried in oil which is pure fat.

True obsese people love sandwiches. They don't watch there portions or how much they eat or count carbs/fat. They just eat and they eat more when they get home. Skinny people eat maybe half a sandwich and than like some vegetable with a small scoop of rice for dinner or something like that.

EDIT: all the fat people thumb me down

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