When eating asparagus are you supposed to eat all of it?!

Question: When eating asparagus are you supposed to eat all of it?
I bit into one for the first time on a plane and the taste was indescribable.


I don't usually eat the very bottom of the stalk as it isn't as nice. And I NEVER eat canned asparagus, it is the most disgusting thing since crepes with maggots in chocolate sauce. On a plane I'm guessing the asparagus wasn't fresh. Pick some up next time you are at the grocer, eat them raw, steam them lightly or fry in a nice oil and a bit of rock salt and cracked black pepper. Whatever you do with them, don't over cook.

Asparagus is to be broken from the woody base of the stem, steamed, and served lightly buttered and salted. Cut it in half and eat the whole length of what is served. According to Emily Post, it can be picked up with the fingers if it is not dripping with butter.

The taste is different from other vegetables, but I love it. It has a strong flavor, so it is a good complement to steak.

It depends the method it was cooked in. Most part of the vegetable is edible, just the ends are tougher and fibrous. If you do wnat to try it again, try roasting them on a 350 deg F oven for 10 minutes after coating with a bit of oil and salt and pepper. Make sure you have trimmed the tough ends.

Was the taste indescribably good or bad,yep you eat the stalk as long as it is not too woody and the top.We like it.

To much makes your pee green.

only eat the bits you like

All of it is edible.

I normally eat the whole thing and I end up fine.

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