What is the Best Breakfast to have With out this stuff ?!

Question: What is the Best Breakfast to have With out this stuff ?
* Cheese
* Tomato
What should I have for breakfast with out this ?


Toast, english muffin or bagel with peanut butter, maybe a bit of jelly, with fresh juice


Fresh fruit

Toast and eggs.

Frech toast

waffles-use milk alternative or juice instead of milk


fruit and yogurt or do you mean no milk or milk products...

mushrooms on toast
sticky rice porridge => http://bawkbawkbawk.blogspot.com/2010/11…
vegan yoghurt
eggs if you eat them, poached or fried

if you can have soy/rice/almond milk etc, then substitute that for milk in cereal, scrambled eggs or omelette, porridge etc etc etc

(except for the eggs)

plain uncooked oats, dry unsalted seeds and/or nuts, fresh or dry fruit
optional: milk substitute (soy,almond,coconut,rice)

this meal is called muesli

its one of the healthiest breakfast meals with a good balance of nutrients
i drink various vegetable juices with my muesli to have a wide array of nutrients to start my day.

Porridge or bran flakes with soya or rice milk, wholemeal toast with marmite, veggie bacon, mushroom and tomato sandwich, fresh fruit topped with a vegan yoghurt and sprinkled nuts, and i drink juice or herbal/fruit tea.

2 eggs, sausage, beans, mushrooms, 2 toast, large tea, cheers luv

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