Poll: what's your favorite non-dairy milk?!

Question: Poll: what's your favorite non-dairy milk?
Just for fun.


Coconut milk! Home-made almond milk with organic, alcohol-free vanilla extract is yummy too.

Almond milk! 35 calories per cup and everything that regular milk has and more! What's not to love about almonds!?! SERIOUSLY! <3 :D

vegan and loving it!

I prefer Vanilla Almond Milk. I used to drink Vanilla soy until I found this, but now definitely prefer Almond Milk.

Almond milk! Yum. Blue Diamond makes a great one. I'm not crazy about the chocolate/vanilla ones, but the plain is lovely.

strawberry banana smoothy.
I hate soy milk. Almond milk is delicious and it's a tiny bit sweet.

I've only had soy, almond and rice. Soy is the best! But to limit soy intake and calories, I use both unsweetened almond, and soy with DHA.

ive had sesame, soy and almond. i like silks vanilla almond milk the best. im kinda anxious to try coconut though

Vanilla soy milk
Fresh homemade almond milk

almond milk...definately

I can't decide between coconut and almond.

Rice milk is very popular in our house.



black bean milk.


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