Someone explain to me why eating fish is vegetarian?!

Question: Someone explain to me why eating fish is vegetarian?
But eating animal fat is non-vegetarian?


Neither is vegetarian, a vegetarian avoids consuming any product that comes from slaughtered animal (or to the best of their known ability). Fish most certainly is a slaughtered animal, similarly animal fat is gotten from slaughtered animal.

A pescetarain is somebody who will limit their meat intake to just seafoods, often done for health over ethical reasons

It's not vegetarian neither is eating any animal fats or slaughter by-products. There are a few people out there calling themselves pescatarians who assume vegetarianism is about whatever they want it too be and screw the actual legitimate definition but those people aren't legitimate at all. There are also those who are vegetarian that use that term to describe carnists who only eat fish, they are only seeking to help legitimize eating fish/chicken/slaughter by-products as somehow being vegetarian.

Exploiting animals is never ok for any reason.

Those who do eat fish as their meat and of course need too be part of a cool club without abiding by the simple membership guidelines can simply call themselve pescavores, it is not at all related to vegetarianism and cannot be linked back to it but it sounds really really special.

Also vegetarians don't eat only plants in fact many of them still eat animals though not their meat or fats or bones. People who are on a plant based diet eat only plants (not other things) but that describes very few people. Somebody's eggs or milk is not a plant, neither is a lot of the stuff in foods we eat.

vegan because animals are not property

Someone already said it but eating fish is NOT vegetarian. Vegetarians only eat plants.

You get dicey with other discussions around eggs and milk products. Some consider that Ovo(egg)Lacto(milk) vegetarians. Some won't eat gelatin as it is a by-product of animal slaughter (comes from bones and or hooves). Cheese usually requires the use of rennet which comes from stomach lining, usually goat. Therefore some vegetarians won't eat cheese.

Who cares about labels. Eat what you feel is appropriate.

If you're talking about Catholics and Lent that is a different discussion regarding a very specific "abstain from meat".

Fish is NOT vegetarian because they are being killed for their product (flesh)
Animal fat is not vegetarian because an animal is, again, being killed for their product.

Fish is meat.
Those who eat both meat and plant-based foods are OMNIVORES.

Because intentional versus accidental deaths are ethically differentiated, Deer Hunter?

Fish is an animal and a meat when it's eaten, therefore it is NOT a food vegetarians eat.

WHatever you read was not right.

Vegetatrians dont eat fish because it is a white meat and an animal that has been killed.

Neither eating fish or animal fat is vegetarian. Don't go by what you read on here. Do your own research.

It's not vegetarian, it's pescetarian

Its not. Simple as that.

it's not. those people are uneducated.

Someone explain to me why eating produce is vegetarian?

Is it ethical for vegetarians to kill animals with their diet? Trillions of insects die every year from pesticides, and countless other animals like moles, mice, birds, snakes, turtles, and many more die from planting, harvesting, and shipping the very food vegetarians eat. A death for a diet is a death for a diet.

Accidental? Animals that die from produce farming are not accidents. I know the animals are there, you know the animals are there, the farmer knows the animals are there. We all know that these animals will die while planting, harvesting, and shipping produce. The pesticides are put there for the sole purpose of killing these animals. Doesn't sound like an accident to me.

Eating fish is not vegetarian. A person who gives up all other meat except fish is called a pescetarian....not a vegetarian.

vegetarian is not a religion its what you want it to be if you want to be a vegetarian but eat fish go ahead. for me im an omnivore

Because fish aren't meat therefore it's a vegetarian food. And vegetarians never eat meat.

because fish have no soul

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