2 questions about honey?!

Question: 2 questions about honey?
1. Does it benefit you to eat a serving of honey a day?
2. Is there a brand of honey that is as natural as you can get to fresh honey from the comb?


Honey is extremely healthy, whether you need to eat it everyday is up to you. I use it as a sweetener in coffee, tea and smoothies or on yoghurt. Organic honey is the best and easy to buy. In the cooler months it thicken and resembles creamed honey but in summer it will be runny.

1. honey is antibacterial and has been shown to reduce allergies if grown close to home. 2. go to your local farmer's market or feed store for awesome honey!!!

All honey comes directly from the comb. Honey is just glucose, there's nothing special in it.

Honey is very healthy and has tons of uses.
The best honey is from a local apiary.

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