can you eat crab apples?!

Question: Can you eat crab apples?
just want to know


Yes you can but many varieties are sour when raw and probably best used in a jam or jelly type situation because they have a lot of natural pectin. Be careful those as I am sure some are just not edible and some are probably covered in pesticides and such.

This is a great zine about wild foraging... unfortunately I cannot find the text online anymore but you can order it from them and they can probably help you find other resources.

Yes, when my horse was still alive we used to walk down into a field next to my house and eat them. They're sour as hell though. Just because they have the word "crab" in them doesn't suddenly make them a crab, in case you were confused.


Yes but I'm pointing the finger at you when the Wildlife saviors come knocking on my door asking why there is a bunch of malnourished crustaceans on the beach!

Have you no shame!

That depends: how do you feel about eating animal crackers?

vegetarian "humor"

You can but they are very sour, a beter option is making jams out of them.

You can, but it's better to make them into a jam, first.
Crabapple jam tastes nice on toast :)

I've made it.

yeah. but they are tart. make sure u eat the actual crab apple because i dont think the ornamental ones are good for you.

what are crab apples?


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