I quit being vegetarian after 5 yrs, and have gained weight!?!

Question: I quit being vegetarian after 5 yrs, and have gained weight!?
Will it go away?
It is becoming noticable and I have only been eating meat for about 2 weeks!
Is this normal?
Will it go away if I eat less meat or none at all?


Your body is not used to the protein and fats which are stored in meats. Your body, when you were a vegetarian, drew on glucose in many plants and vegetables to form a substitute for fats however it now it is producing too much with the added crude fats, protein and sugars with meats. I can't say it will go away if you continue to eat it at this rate. You must ease into it and aspire for daily exercise (if you do not already). If you have any other inquiries, see your doctor or a dietary specialist.

Why did you quit an healthy diet? Meat is full of fat and rots in your body for up to 3 days so it will have plenty of time to release fat into your body.

that always happens. Fact is meat is fattier than vegetables... obviously. I think you're just gonna have to exercise more, or it will stick around. unless you go back of course

meat is higher in fat, especially saturated fat, than plant based foods... if you stop eating meat, you should lose it

meat has a lot of calories. especially red meat. try to sub grilled pork chops with steak seasoning for steak and ground turkey for beef. it will help tons!

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