Vegetarians/Vegans/Omnivores: Do you have animal companions? Did you get them from a shelter or adopt them?!

Question: Vegetarians/Vegans/Omnivores: Do you have animal companions? Did you get them from a shelter or adopt them?
Or did you get them from somewhere else? How many do you have?

I have a dog, three cats, nine chickens, and a budgie. All were adopted from animal shelters or taken from people who were moving and couldn't bring them with them. The chickens are the exception, they were bought from an old man who lives two hours away from me and runs a market.


5 birds, 2 dogs and a goat. They were all rescues. Read my profile if you want to find out my stance of having birds.

And no, people don't "get" that we don't milk the goat.

We have three cats, three dogs, and a horse.

Two of the cats we found as kittens abandoned by the side of the road, the other kitten showed up as a stray one day and just never left.

One of the dogs we got as a puppy from a shelter, one dog was given to us as a puppy through a breeder who couldn't sell them all by Valentine's Day, the other dog was given to us as a puppy by a friend who was in an accident and couldn't care for him anymore.

The horse was purchased as a foal from a rescue organization.

All of us except the horse are omnivores.

I'm an omnivore
I've got two English bulldogs, both from a breeder. Ive had reuse dogs before but with these ones I wanted to start with healthy puppy's.
I've also got a goose who has imprinted on me and follows me around. She even more loyal than any dog I've ever had and is the most affectionate animals I've ever seen. She does not comprehend that she is a goose, supposedly human imprinted geese think they are human too. She was shipped through the mail to me as a day old from a hatchery. I plan to get some more goslings this spring and am curious to see how she will interact with one of her kind.
I have many other animals too but I wouldn't consider them companion animals. I guess I have some rescue chickens and ducks. I got them because they were cheap but based on some of the situations they came from and seeing that now they are free range on pasture, then suppose those could be rescue animals.

I have rather a lot of companion animals lol. My dog, cat and ferrets are adopted. I have a few reptiles too, but they are quite elderly now and I got them before I changed my mind about the whole animal breeding situation, so they were bought as babies, not adopted. I have also inherited a 32 year old tortoise, he's not an adoptee as such but I did rehome him.

I have a cat, my mom got her from the shelter for my Grandmother(but she got the cat before the lady went inside with her, she was giving up three cats my mom didn't want to pay an adoption fee and my cat is awesome....). My Grandma didn't want the cat and so I took her. Which was funny since I was away in school at the time for about a month and had someone come over to the house and feed her while I was finishing the semester, got back and found my best TV buddy ever ^_^. Can't watch a movie without her! And she's so pretty and the smart! Knew her name before I even got home with just a few feeding visits from my bro and mom!

We have three cats, Buddy, Mia, and Speedy. Mia was found at a shelter I believe and I don't know about Speedy, she's almost as old as I am! My mom's friend found Buddy behind her house while it was storming. He was only a couple weeks old. Our dog Oz we got last year from my mother's friend's parents who found them wandering around outside. They find lots of strays where they live.

Previous animals were adopted from a shelter, other people, or found as strays.

I have a dog, cat, and a rabbit

My dog, a chihuahua/jack russell, was somewhat of a rescue but not from a shelter. She came from a local breeder but was the runt of the litter and the mother refused to nurse her. She was born with a lot of medical problems and they thought she was going to die and were even considering just letting her die because under NJ puppy lemon laws they couldn't sell her nor could they afford the medical bills for her. So, I took her and she made a full recovery in about a year. She's now 3 years old and totally adorable, yet very small for a jack russell mix due to her health problems…

My cat is a rescue. He was left in a box on a friends lawn with the rest of his litter in 24 degree weather on black friday of 2005. He was the only one to survive in the litter

My rabbit is also a rescue from a pet adoption day near me. We got him as an adult and it was obvious he had never had his nails clipped because they were growing back into his pads. His fur is black and white, but when we first got him he was black and yellow from being left to sit in his urine.

All my babies are doing great now :)

My oldest dog and oldest cat were bought from the store. One of my other dogs was from a puppy mill. Another one of my cats was raised by a trashy, ghetto family who's house was absolutely atrocious - But that's another story. My other two kittens were strays... Who showed up at my door in -30C weather cold, shivering, crying, hungry, and thin. Why they chose my house out of all of the others? Who knows? I like to say it was fate.

I love my babies. :)


I have 2 dogs, one a lab mutt from the shelter and one a purebred German Shepherd we paid $ for.

One cat, also from a shelter.

9 budgies, most of whom are siblings from their parents whom I also bred. They're a little family :)

Also a cockatiel, who was given to me by a coworker whose family couldn't give the bird enough attention. She's a sweetheart (the bird, I mean ;)

I have animals, but they are not my "companions". Unlike PETA, Walt Disney, and naive vegetarians, I do not anthropomorphize animals.

They are pets. I own them.
I got most of them from "somewhere else".
They are my property.

No animals, just the birds in the trees outside.

Allergic to cats, don't like dogs, had hamsters once, poor animals, they die really quickly, even in natural settings.
I love birds and I'll travel anywhere to watch them.

I have a 12 year old long-haired tortoiseshell cat that I adopted from an animal shelter. I got her when she was just a few months old. The neighborhood cats visit my backyard from time to time, so she has some company. :)

3 cats.
#1 was adopted from the Toronto Humane Society.
#2 was adopted from the adoption center at PetSmart.
#3 was adopted from a family who's cat had had kittens.

Yes, I adopted one cat named Tiger, and two bunnies named Maggie and Scout.


1 cat, before her, 1 cat
kinda adopted them both, not from shelters, from peopel we knew

4 dogs and 3 cats all adopted from the humane society or picked up on the street.

We have aquarium fish, a rescue cat and dog from the pound

breeders kill the chances for shelter animals. Blessings to all those who adopt their companions.

Three cats and two ferrets, all adopted.

I have an indifferent tom cat whom I found in a stairwell.

Dion J is a dumbass. lol.

yes i have 11 birds, budgies and cockatiels. They are rescues :)

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