Vegetarian help... Has anyone experienced this? need advice :(?!

Question: Vegetarian help... Has anyone experienced this? need advice :(?
Well I'm 18 and have been a vegetarian for just over a year. I've never slipped up (except when I was first learning, and didn't know about gelatin).
Anyways I had no trouble denying meat and stuff before, and lately it's just like I feel like having a burger or something. I don't do it but that stupid thought keeps coming back.
When I first chose to be vegetarian I was so for it, I saw the pictures, watched food inc, and learned all about the mistreatment of animals. I feel like that Strong urge to make a difference is leaving :(
How do I get it back. It's like I want to remember what I saw and stuff so I remember why I'm doing it... so what should I do? I DONT want to give in, and don't plan on eating meat, I just wish the tiny little whisper saying to just try some bacon again would leave. I want to be as confident about my choice... Does anyone know what I mean? How do I get that fire back... again its not like I don't care about the animals or anything, its just that I feel a bit desensitized... and I don't want to be like that


Just keep watching the videos, keep doing research, and remind yourself of why you started in the first place. I went from omnivore straight to Vegan last year, and when the occasional urge to give up rises, that's what I do (though I rarely have to anymore). Also realize that if you eat meat after not having any for a year, it will probably make you feel sick because your digestive system isn't used to it.

To me, when I want a burger, its about the fat, the salt and the grease and not really the meat itself. So when I have that hankering I make myself a fatty, salty and greasy veggie burger or go buy one somewhere.

im vegetarian and im 16. there is vegetarian/vegan meat you know? soy? morningstar farms makes sum good veggie meat, i just had a taco with it :) check out their website

idk,it may be because you dont have enough protein in your diet?
solution:go make your self a nice soy burger

It might be you want the Umami taste and texture- cheese and marmite on toast does it for me.
Or ketchup and roast edamame beans with soycheese on top . It's got the texture and falvours and same type of properties- melty, iron-rich, salty sweet, chewy, rich, dense.

Baked tofu does the same- simmered in curry sauce and with naan bread.
Pizza can give you the same Umami.

At some point, your initial urges to do something will evolve into something else- that is normal and OK. Just realise that its going to happen and why you did this. Any initial glory is often just a euphoric feeling anyway- it's bound to settle down and you may find other things- gratitude, renewed faith in doing a good thing, a step up in your level of commitment, whatever.

For me I never have an urge, I hated meat- gross sticky, gristly, chewy, rubbery grey stuff.
The feeling of not having it inside me for the first time felt like the truth at last- "oh, THIS is what it's supposed to be like".

So, remind yourself all the reasons and try to take your emotions out of it.
Tell that whisper that it's a lie, and you don't believe it, and that if you did do what it says, you'll feel guilty and bad, and that it doesn't have your best interests at heart.

Give it a boot up the a877

I feel your pain girl ! stay strong and remind yourself why you became vegetarian.
When i'm having a craving for meat i will find some kind of substitute that will help with my craving. Also, you have to remember that all the foods we grew up eating are addicting and it takes a while for us to get accustomed to not eating processed foods, animal protein ect.
I watch Dan Mcdonald on youtube ''the life regenerator'' and he makes this awesome ''taco meat'' out of vegetables and nuts and it helps with the meat protein cravings. Look up recipes on google or youtube to help you get creative with different foods so you can stay on track :)
Stay strong and i know exactly what you're talking about i hear those voices in my head when my parents make good Mexican food and i want to eat it so badly , but ukkk i'd rather not.
Oh before you were wondering i've been eating raw fruits, veggies , and nuts for almost a month, my mom now calls me a squirrel and a monkey because of the foods i eat haha
good luck and you can do it !

If I were you I'd look into Boca, Morningstar, Gardein, and Gardenburger. Those brands I've heard are quite dominant in the vegetarian/vegan meat analogue department. I've only tried Boca burgers, but they taste delicious. The mushroom, chik'n patties, and the bruschetta flavors are my favorite. Gardein I've heard has the best frozen "meats." Their refrigerated foods aren't nearly as fantastic.

I've only been vegetarian for five months now, but because my boyfriend and all of our friends eat meat it gets kind of hard. Back in February we had nothing left in the fridge, we were practically living off pancakes. One day we ordered Chinese takeout and I got sesame tofu (which was effing delicious), he got chow mein. While he was in the bathroom I ate some of his meaty chow mein. Not because I was craving meat, but because it wasn't pancakes. Something different is what my body wanted. As soon as we went food shopping my mind was made up and I haven't eaten another piece of meat since. What I'm trying to get at is maybe you're in a culinary rut? Perhaps you're making the same things over and over. I think you should make different foods every week and see if your cravings are going away.

You might find my answer stupid but I would like to tell you something that could help you and would not be much included to just your topic but also your life.See,you had started being a vegan past 1 year and now you are getting that feeling that you should have meet.I would speak a very simple thing.try not to think about that issue.Try to think something else.Think about your profession or something else.When you have a feeling of having a burger or something just avoid that thought.Make your mind lose and easy and feel happy about other things of your life.When you have a meal time just take the vegan one and just have it without thinking much on what you are doing and why?Slowly slowly you would realise that you have stopped eating non-veg and you are a pure veggie now.I hope my little lecture would help you because other friends have already told you everything.ALL the BEST for your mission.


i kno alot of people who are vegetarians and have been for most thelr life, (including myself). Several of them get cravings once in a while, and they just give in and eat a cheeseburger. There's a reason behind this, let me explain. When our body is telling us that we need something, we crave it. And when we eat it the craving goes away. this applies for vegetarians, too. We have to do what our body says, and even if we do have a strip of bacon, it doesn't necessarily mean that we don't care about animals or that we failed. And when you do eat whatever is taunting you, after you've eaten it, you feel fired up to not give in again. Make sense? Don't see it as a failing. Maybe once you get closer to eating it, the craving will go away. Do what your body tells you to do!!:)

Boy, that's tough. Perhaps you should look into the deaths of 1.2 billion animals that are killed every year in the fields for the veggies you eat? The animals killed for food in the US are killed in accordance with The Humane Slaughter Act, under the watchful eyes of trained USDA inspectors. Animals in the fields are not killed so humanely. And, strangely, veg*ns don't seem to object.

Quote from the link:

"Animals of the field are killed by several factors, including:

1. Tractors and farm implements run over them.
2. Plows and cultivators destroy underground burrows and kill animals.
3. Removal of the crops (harvest) removes ground cover allowing animals on the surface to be killed by predators.
4. Application of pesticides.

So, every time the tractor goes through the field to plow, disc, cultivate, apply fertilizer and/or pesticide, harvest, etc., animals are killed. And, intensive agriculture such as corn and soybeans (products central to a vegan diet) kills far more animals of the field than would extensive agriculture like forage production, particularly if the forage was harvested by ruminant animals instead of machines. So perhaps fewer animals would be killed by producing beef, lamb, and dairy products for humans to eat instead of the vegan diet envisioned by Regan."…

Then there are the tens of thousdands of birds and rodents that are poisoned to keep them out of the big storage bins where the grains veg*ns depend on for much of their diet are stored.

Why is it ok to kill baby bunnies in their nest to produce your diet, but not ok to kill a cow for mine?

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