Vegans usually are such because they have ethical?!

Question: Vegans usually are such because they have ethical?
objections to the status of animals as properties? Yes, or no?



IMO, vegans are usually "vegan" because they think it's cool. And the vast majority of them will give it up next week for the next cool thing that comes along.

In my case no. I do not actually think there is anything wrong with eating meat per se, its the way its farmed and treated I have the problem with, that's why I don't consume animal products. Its not what we do its the way we do it. The way we treat animals, the ecosystem and other people is completely out of whack. That is why I am vegan.

You would probably find quite a few people who agree with me, but lots more people would object to the status of animals as property. I guess the only way to find out would be to do a widespread study of vegan attitudes towards use of animals.

Yes, vegetarians in general are also so for ethical reasons. But there is a higher proportion of people doing so for health reasons than there would be the same reason in veganism.
Veganism is much more ethical-orientated, its about abstaining from the use of animal products to the best of their ability. They will not consume animal product/by-product, wear leather & furs etc, avoid cosmetics that were tested on animals & even so far as avoid medicinal products tested on animals. Vegans as you said object to animals as being viewed as property for us to do what we please for profit with. All animal welfarists are to some degree against circuses/zoos too.


There is a handful of good reasons to go vegan, I'm not sure how many people choose to become vegan for that reason in particular, but besides that, they could also go vegan for environmental reasons, health reasons, anti-violence, anti "animal torture" and spiritual/religious reasons.

For me, I'm not really against killing for food. I am against torture though. I'm actually considering giving up my veganism to adopt a more protein heavy diet for bodybuilding, as well as DHA/EPA from fish, and convenience. Is it selfish? Yes. Can I live with it? Maybe. As for exploitation, no, not really against it. We're all exploited one way or another, without exploitation society as we know it wouldn't exist.

Well, I'm vegan mostly for the environmental benefits.
But all of the benefits (animals, environment, health, etc.)
make it into a nice little package, veganism...

Welfarists are more likely to be vegetarian, I've found.

If you're going to quote me, could you please give me credit?

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