Should vegatarians be forced to eat meat?!

Question: Should vegatarians be forced to eat meat?
Just to give them a lesson ....


Yes, but only the ones that want to make eating meat illegal.

1.) You can't force someone to eat something.
2.) Vegetarians CHOOSE to give up meat.
3.) Vegetarians have GOOD reasons.
4.) Vegetarians are smart about it and do a lot of research.
5.) What kind of "lesson" could you even teach them from it??!?!?
6.) No one should support that, let alone be forced to!
5.) Get over your self you ignorant dimwad.

First off, no one should be forced to do anything they do not want to do(with the exception of certain things that may be illegal, for safety, etc).

There are several things wrong with your reasoning. Who would do the forcing? and what would be the purpose of it? What lesson would you think people would get?

Last time I checked, it was still a free country, so people can eat whatever they choose. Why does a vegetarian need taught "a lesson"?
I suspect you may be the type of person who will have your arteries clogged so full of animal fats, you'll die of a massive coronary at 55. However, I could be wrong. Nobody is going to object to what you're wolfing down, so have the same consideration!

Give us a lesson on what, being a jerk off? You seem like an expert. How would you like it if we forced you to give up all animal products? That wouldn't be fair would it big guy? Why are you so concerned with what we eat anyway, get over it.

Quit being so immature.


I don't think they're be given a lesson, do you? What kind of lesson would you give them with that- that meat eaters are violence-driven thugs who will resort to torture to prove something?

Too late.

No one should be forced to do anything. If I want to stay cancer free, heart disease free and not eat something that's been slaughtered than I shouldn't have to.

No one should be forced to do anything against their will. Should you rape women who "aren't in the kitchen" to teach them a lesson?

seriously, what lesson would they learn other than what its like to be made to throw up?! What's your problem with us anyway? why don't we force vegetables and tofu down your throat and see how you like it?! stupid troll!

Of course not! No one should be forced to eat things they don't feel like eating. No matter what their reasons are.

No one should be forced to eat anything they don't want.

it's their diet, and they can eat, or not eat whatever they want.
How does them not eating meat have any affect on you?

I've never heard of a vegatarian. Is that someone that loves gambling in Las Vegas?

Should trolls be forced to eat sh*t? I think so.

Should trolls be forced to use their brains?

Dats grose



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