i m a vegetarian.. can i take Evion 400, it has gelatin, so i m not sure.. i dont want to eat any animal ..?!

Question: I m a vegetarian.. can i take Evion 400, it has gelatin, so i m not sure.. i dont want to eat any animal ..?

gelatin is from animals unless specifically stating otherwise
so no, don't take Evion 400 if you don't want to eat animals.

Gelatin comes from animals, so it is not vegetarian.

If you want to take vitamins, try some DEVA Vegan Multivitamins.

Drink Silk Almond milk, for Vitamin E.


It would be better to have any other Vegetarian Vitamin suppliment than this. Even you can find preservatives like E224, E122 and E204 are all derived from Ham fat. Rather I have seen milk and fruit drinks now a days with 100% VEG MARK formally wasnt as they used these cheap preservatives being no increase in product rates now. Its all a tricky world to say. Better adopt the good old methedology.


Gelatin is a protein that formed by boiling the specially prepared skin, bones, and connective tissue of animals. Yes it is NON VEG.

Taking medicine and eating food are not same. I think you can eat anything as long as you take it as medicine.

Why would you eat something that is derived from the bones and cartilage of animals if you're a vegetarian?
Make sure you're not eating any gelatin by mistake (it's sometimes in sweets, desserts and stuff). Always read the label :)

Gelatin is animal collagen. It's a slaughter product. If you don't want to eat stuff made out of animal, skip it. Can you find an alternative?

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