Why would you do a raw food diet?!

Question: Why would you do a raw food diet?
Why would you want to live if you can't fry stuff?


There's a theory about how when food is heated over a certain amount of degrees, it loses almost all nutritional value. Have you ever tried fried onions, tofu, chickpeas or black beans with hot sauce on top and made with salt and pepper? It will change your life:D


Why would YOU want to eat fried stuff?

(me or you) "It tastes good".

The way raw makes you feel is the reason. I can easily live without ever missing fried food.
I love all kinds of cooking, fired isn't the top one, mainly because it's 4 times more fatty than food needs to be.
Cooked broccoli with almonds and rocket is the best thing ever, but eating it raw makes you feel 10X better than you've ever felt. Until you try it, don't knock it.

Most people who go raw do so to cope with some ailment- allergies, IBS, migraines, hormonal imbalances, eczema, Chrohn’s etc.

And yes, virtually everything tastes good battered and fried: corn on the cob, pickles, green beans, asparagus, artichoke hearts....

But frying food is really unhealthy as well.


People who adopt the raw diet do so mainly because they believe cooking food above a certain temperature kills vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Because not everyone is so addicted to disgustingly-unhealthy fatty processed foods that they consider life not worth living without them.

Because I had not other way of eating. As for the second question, I would want to live because I don't want to die, even if I couldn't try other stuff.

For health. To feel good.

I'm vegan throughout the year, raw vegan during the summer.

Um...because everybody likes different things? SOme people want to be healthy, some want to coat their arteries with grease.

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