I know an unhealthy, sickly, pale omnivore...?!

Question: I know an unhealthy, sickly, pale omnivore...?
Therefore does this not mean its unhealthy to eat meat?

*NB, my tongue is firmly in my cheek here.


There is no such thing, all omnivores are healthy, the omnivore diet is healthier, most of the planet is omnivore so its perfect blah blah blah. You'll get a typical response that you're stereotyping yet if you posted the same question and substituted omnivore for vegetarian or vegan, people like Deer Hunter would yell "I told you so!"


There are unhealthy pale omnivores. There are unhealthy pale vegetarians.

But there are also VERY healthy omnivores and vegetarians. So whats your point?

Really Over Me Yet? REALLY? We are going to kill our kids with an omnivore diet? lol There are literally Billions of healthy omnivores. You are an extremist.

I've never met an "unhealthy, sickly, pale" vegetarian or vegan. I don't know where this stereotype comes from. In fact I've never met a fat and disgusting vegan.

It's true, I was pale and thin when I was a meateater. I found a pic recently from when I was 19 or 20 with my vego girlfriend at the time and she looked heaps healthier than I did... but I thought she was the one with the bad diet.


Anti-vegan hysteria.

That's enough proof for me ;)

I don't think Deer Hunter gets the joke ;P

LOL Happy April Fool's Day!

look, your "friend' either needs more MEAT not that soy stuff that tastes bad, and needs to lay off the salad and eat more big macs

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