Why are vegans so defensive of their diet choice?!

Question: Why are vegans so defensive of their diet choice?

Hi there. I guess why people can get "defensive" is because a lot of ppl have false ideas about the diet its self and also about the food industry and where these foods are coming from. A lot of time people will bash the diet and back themselves up with a false or not well though out "fact". This can get irritating. At this point a vegan can either ignore the conversation or "defend" the diet by correcting the person or trying to give an explanation.

So what you're saying is that it is okay to discriminate and make fun of people and that we are the ones who need to lighten up? In case you haven't spent a lot of time in this section, a large majority of the question are trolls making fun of us. It gets annoying and redundant when we always deal with questions like "Why do vegans/vegetarians think we're not meant to eat meat?" "Can you eat animal crackers?" "If you guys love animals so much why do you eat their food?"

You are making excuses to justify picking on people. That is an elementary bullying tactic. I'm pretty sure black people do not appreciate people stereotyped and discriminated against, nobody does. So how about you remove the sand papery object from your keister and learn a little bit of respect.

I said learn how to respect, not earn respect. LEARN to read. There will always be trolls, I am simply answering your question as to why we are defensive, which is because of the amount of trolls in this section. How is anything I just said elementary? Or are you just copying terms I used because you in fact are the one who cannot think for themself?


Are they?

Why are you coming to the VV section , with a racist, demeaning and overgeneralised question like that, to ask this?
I mean, ask the same question in an open topic forum and see what you get!

If you're living by your stereotypes ( and people of african or jamaican origin where I'm from do not even eat watermelon) then you may get stereotype answers.

I could easily ask: why do meat eaters get so aggressive with their ridiculous goading of people who don't eat animal products?
But I don't, as that would be ridiculous.

Dude it's not the word blacks-it's the stereotype you make of blacks getting made fun of for eating watermelon. It's a big world out there, I've not known any black people who love to eat watermelon.

Why are omnivores so defensive of theirs? I've lost count of the times people have found out I was vegan and then started on a silly passive-aggressive tirade to try and defend their diet. If anyone is defensive, its the meat eaters IMO.

IRL, if people ask me stupid questions or try and make fun, I tend to just shrug and roll my eyes. If people are genuinely concerned about me getting enough protein/iron/calcium whatever I'm quite happy to have a nice discussion with them. So, not all vegans are defensive. I defend myself on here because I come on here to answer questions, after all.

It's just because people are too close-minded to accept the fact that people are different. If you go extreme and dye your hair blue and get a million piercings and only wear black, stupid people would make fun of you too.
People don't understand that vegans have undoubtedly better reasons to eat what they do, unlike people who scarf down KFC and McDonald's just because "it tastes good" or "god put animals on this planet so we could eat them".
We live in a world where consuming rotting animal flesh is socially okay and to make your own decision and go against society shows that you could care less if humanity goes against you.
So yes, when you go against society, people make fun of you.

Personally, I truly believe they're jealous that we're strong-willed enough to stand up for what we believe in, and they're not.

vegan for life

Because I get treated like sh!t at my school for being vegan. A lot of the comments are actually pretty cruel. I freaking hate PETA, I dont tell other people to be vegan, and I dont complain about limited food options. Yet, people at my school are really nasty to me about being vegan

Its a bit of a generalistion....
But... I'm guessing maybe because they know its quite extreme behaviour so they probably come up against criticism or questions a lot. Its probably as a result of having to defend or at least explain their decision often.

Go up to a black man and tell him to his face he eats watermelon. Then tell us that's nonsense, b!+¢h.

And...A real marine would never troll the internet. Stand up and be a real man. You do your Corps a disservice posting crap like this.

Because omnivores are so quick to make fools of themselves with laughably false proclamations about health and ethics whenever they even suspect someone might be vegetarian.

well people generally don't like being made fun of or attacked in any way so they get defensive.

elementary school

So nowadays blacks aren't blacks, but dark skinned? Priceless!

Because people are always criticizing them for it.

because when people say we eat meat, we are being called a murderer.

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