Vegans with children: What do you do for Easter?!

Question: Vegans with children: What do you do for Easter?
I am a Vegan and so is my son. (I also have one daughter who follows a mostly vegetarian diet with the exception of fish a couple times per month, another daughter and a husband who are "Meat eaters".) My son is a Vegan for health reasons. I am looking for ideas for Easter. I know that most of the traditional chocolate bunnies and crosses are out of the picture. So is coloring eggs because I just don't want to do that if he can not eat them. Does anyone have any ideas on other activities we can do and make new traditions with? What do you put in the Easter Baskets? We are going to make our own baskets with a bunch of Dollar Tree items, but still want a few sweets in there.


Get or make vegan candy and stuff plastic eggs then have an easter egg hunt. Make easter craft projects. Read books, play music, plant seedlings. Include vegan candy kits, vegan candy, coloring books, books or plush toys in the Easter basket.

here are a few links....………

Have a very Happy Easter!!

chocolate eggs- plain chocolate.
make an easter tree with pastel coloured sugared almonds, bon bons and bunny shaped cookies, ducks and egg shaped mint cakes hanging from the leaves- i always use a ficus tree for some reason, inside, it's almost as good as Xmas.

Plain chcolate is OK, so make vegan cupcakes with plain chocolate, and use ducks and rabbit shaped crackers- use your own batter mix.
You can make Russian Easter bread,
Hungarian vegan goulash
Hot Cross Buns-

You could make your own Vegan cookies. Wheat flour, some people use applesauce instead of eggs, which also serves as the sweetener. For chocolate chips, you can use Carob instead of milk chocolate. I am vegan as well and spent some time at Uchee Pines, a vegan establisment in Seale, Alabama and learned a few things. Honey is also good to use as a sweetener.

Wow G C... Just lost some respect for you.

As for the question, you can buy plastic easter eggs and fill them with sweets that are vegan and other assorted things like small toys and pocket change like quarters. Fill each egg differently and hide them all over the house for him to find.


Instead of making hard boiled eggs, buy the plastic ones and fill them with fruit candies. Also, me and my family always make hot-cross buns. They are delicious for easter breakfast! Lastly, though it's kind of a waste of eggs, you can dye hollowed out eggs ( maybe if you have some non-vegan friends you can give them the egg insides.
for your baskets, just stick to fruit candies and toys.

You can find tons of vegan easter-themed candy here:
or here:…

If that doesnt work for you, you can always make your own (which might be a fun alternative to dying eggs for your daughter) :

Good job for making your son feel better:)!

Here's a website about vegan Easter recipes, I hope this helps

I use plastic eggs and fill them with Endangered Species chocolates.

plastic eggs and gold coins or penny's would work.. or golden dollars..

This is what I am doing for my two children who are veggies..

We are buying a basket and buying small toys to put in it, dried fruit, raw chocolate (which is GREAT! You can find it at wholefoods) Buying vegan chocolate bars from Health Nut and buying a few little books.

If you want the bunnies google "vegan easter bunny"…

That is just one of the many places you can buy from. Good luck!

I highly suggest you going to wholefoods and telling them that you have a vegan child and you need help setting a easter basket up for you. I am sure they would be glad to help!

Just lost a bit of respect for G C too.
I'm atheist, too, but if you're going to be rude, I don't care how much of an idiot you think someone is being or how much you disagree with them, either don't answer, or at least answer in a slightly helpful or mature fashion.

If you want vegan easter candies, there are actually vegan chocolate bunnies and such online- a bit expensive, worth checking out.…
You can buy wooden eggs and paint them.
You can buy plastic eggs that snap shut and put $1 bills, coins, or candies in them, and hide them around the house.
Also a surprising amount of commercial sweets are vegan (if you eat sugar)- sour patch kids, swedish fish, airheads, laffy taffy, dum-dums.

My family is Christian.

Vegan Lemon Cake recipe:
-One box of Duncan Hine's Vegan Lemon cake mix.
-3/4 cup(6 oz) of Sprite and 1/2 cup of Lemon Seltzer Water or plain seltzer water
-Pour cake mix, soda, and seltzer water into bowl and stir with a spoon or fork until lumps are gone.
-Pour batter into greased pan and cook as directed on the box.
-You DO NOT have to add anything else. I've tried this before and it works just fine.
It's a lot healthier, since you're cutting out the fat from the oil and the cholesterol from the eggs.
-You can try substituting Pepsi for a Chocolate cake, a cherry or raspberry flavored seltzer water for strawberry cake, and orange soda for an orange cake.

You can buy plastic eggs for your easter basket. You can put candy in the plastic eggs.
For ex: Twizzlers, peppermints, smarties, Now and Laters, Swedish Fish, Mike and Ikes, etc.


I don't have kids and I'm not a xtian so I wouldn't force them to celebrate easter if I had any, but you can buy easter bunny and egg moulds and make your own using vegan chocolate. You could also make a vegan cake in the shape of a dead jesus with jam for blood. You could even use green food dye to make some putrid looking icing for when he came back as a zombie three days later and would have been partially decomposed. I could go on if you like, I'm getting some good ideas for snacks for our atheist film night this sunday.

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