Simple question, waffles or pancakes?!

Question: Simple question, waffles or pancakes?
straight up


Pancakes (and bacon!) YUM!

Waffles deffidentally with butter or honey and rasberries. If crepes count than I'd like those with yogurt, granola, strawberries, bananas and grapes.

I used to prefer pancakes, but then I got my own waffle maker. I'm basically obsessed with waffles now. No big deal.

Waffles - to me they seem much more sophisticated, and you can have them with any topping you would put on pancakes. e.g. lemon juice and sugar, chocolate sauce, maple syrup and even ice cream!


Pancakes. Simple, to the point and just plain delicious.

if your on about desert waffles then id og with them but if not then pancakes

Waffles. I eat too many pancakes.

Oh tough call! Depends on my mood.

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