Does this sound like a good summer recipe?!

Question: Does this sound like a good summer recipe?
Angel hair pasta
Halved cherry tomatoes
Basil cut into ribbons
A little parmesan
Lemon zest
The tomatoes aren't fully cooked, just until they begin to break down, the garlic is softened, and the rest is added to the pasta and served immediately.

What I'm really wondering about is if the lemon zest is a good addition, or if I should just leave it out.


The lemon zest is a nice touch, just don't overdo it. It should balance out with the olive oil. I'm not really a fan of pasta, but this sounds delicious! I would leave out the Parmesan but that's just personal preference - whatever works for you. ;)

I agree with DM. Go easy on the lemon zest and taste a little as you go. The lemon zest flavor might increase as it soaks into everything else, but then so can the garlic and basil, but you're only really wondering about the lemon zest and not those flavors. I'm not so crazy about adding lemon to savory foods myself, so I'd be more inclined to leave it out (and the parm as I'm vegan) and go lightly on the basil as it can easily overwhelm the flavor.

Personal preference

I would replace the pasta with zucchini noodles but it sounds like a basic italian style recipe. A pinch of sea salt would bring out the flavors, and a few capers and kalamata olives would add a lot of flavor.

YUMMY! It sounds rlly good! I have nvr had that combination with lemon maybe I'd leave it out incase..OR cook everything else...then make a small portion with the lemon zest, try it, and see how it is!

This sounds very similar to a dish I have had at the Olive Garden except they use Plum tomatoes and I don't think they use lemon zest. It's yummy anytime of year

a little lemon zest mixed with chopped parsley can be served on the side. Try it, you might like it.

That sounds really good. Adding lemon zest in the right measure would make it great

I think it needs some olive oil, butter, or margarine..

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