Omg I ate 1 sandwich ?!

Question: Omg I ate 1 sandwich ?
Ok well I'm in a diet I haven't ate all day and I ate 1 egg and turkey sandwich I'm still hungry is it okay if I get 1 more....


make sure you are really hungry and not just bored. Try having a granola bar and wait 10 minutes to see if it passes over. As for your diet, you shouldn't really starve yourself, just eat small portions and exercise

Wow - I just wrote the same thing to someone else, with the same question in the same section of Yahoo Answers.

Why did you ask this in the Vegetarian/Vegan section when you ate a turkey sandwich? Do you just want people to argue with you?

If you are hungry and lacking energy then you didn't eat enough. If you feel full and have a lot of energy then you did.

If you are serious about your health, there are many benefits to switching to a vegetarian diet. You will have more energy and wont contribute to the absolute cruelty of the battery farms where your turkey sandwich came from. Broiler birds (birds used for their meat) are forced to grow so big so quickly that if they try to walk their legs break. They have to have their beaks seared off (without anaesthetic) so that they don't peck eachother to death because they are all so distressed.

I don't normally lecture people about what they choose to eat but I think if you write in the vegetarian section you are leaving yourself open to it.

Hope the sandwich was worth it.

If this is a serious question, get help. You have an eating disorder that could kill you.

If not, this is hardly something to take lightly.

You are just going to end up crash dieting. You need to eat 3 healthy meals a day or else your not going to succeed. You are already giving into temptation.

yes it's okay,because you can have 2 it's not more than 100 calories.

If your hungry, eat. Then eat healthy tomorrow.


YES!!!! It won't kill you to eat one more!

eat it its healthy


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