Why do vegetarians not eat meat even if it's already dead?!

Question: Why do vegetarians not eat meat even if it's already dead?
I'm not a vegetarian but would like to understand why vegetarians don't eat meat even if it's already butchered(sorry if this is making people who don't eat meat nauseated)?and even if they don't buy it they can't stop it from still being bought?And why some vegetarians try to force they're views on they're friends and family?


Some people are vegetarians just for health reasons. Eating meat isn't as healthy as being vegetarian (note: I'm a meat eater, but I won't deny that veggies and fruits would be better for me than the burger I just ate).

Your question could be looked at like this: Paper. Why re-use paper when there's a ream of fresh paper right there. Well, because if you use that fresh paper up, you would have to buy fresh paper sooner, which would mean more trees would have to be cut down to make that paper that you would be buying more often than if you just re-used paper already on-hand. Make sense? The "already dead" meat is the fresh paper in this story, and not eating meat is the recycled paper.

Lame and maybe confusing, I know, but it makes sense in my head.

Because an animal was killed brutally to get that meat. Its not that hard to fathom when you actually learn how animals are treated before turned into tasty food for people. And its not about other people buying it, its about not contributing to an exploitative industry personally. Also, some vegetarians force their views on people the same way some omnivores do. If a child is raised omnivore because the parents are omnivore, its completely fine, but as soon as someone finds out that someones child is vegetarian the parent automatically is forcing their diet on their child, the child is malnutritioned, its child abuse, etc... Hypocrisy abounds in statements against vegetarians in my opinion.


Because as soon as you eat it you are responsible for it's death. Vegetarians who are opposed to the killing of animals for food avoid eating animal products because we do not want to be part of the process which values living animals as nothing more than commodities to be used and killed at will. If I eat meat the money I pay for it goes into the pockets of those who raised the animal, those who killed the animal, and those who cut it's corpse into smaller pieces and sold them. If enough people stop giving them money, it won't be worth their while to continue raising and killing animals for food.

When it comes down to it I'd rather starve a butcher than eat a cow; but the butcher has a choice to do something else with her or his time- the cow can't choose to be a less tasty animal like a cockroach or maggot.

vegan biologist

Many reasons.

The #1 reason people are vegetarian is because of religion. People who believe we are reborn believe in no harm to all living things. What you do in this life will affect you in the next life. So, if you eat beef you will turn into a cow. At least that's what they believe.

I'm a vegetarian because I just don't think I need to eat a dead animal in order to survive. I don't like the taste and its unhealthy. Another thing is.. the people who own the slaughter houses the ones getting rich off slaughtering animals won't even eat beef because they know how much poison is inside the meat. My main concern with meat is all the stuff they put inside it. For example, they put some kind of substance to keep the meat looking fresh for weeks. So, even though the meat is rotten its been injected with a chemical so it looks fresh. So they put chemicals inside so you don't know your eating rotten meat.

I basically don't think meat is healthy, I think its wrong to hold animals captive, i think its wrong to abuse them, and I don't support animal torture or slaughter. I mean I could go on and on and on about why I don't eat meat so I will just end it.

GC gave the best answer I ever heard haha

Haven't you heard of the Vegan Police? You only get three violations of the Vegan code before you're stripped of your Vegan Power. Outside of that though, I think it has to do with the whole "Eating it supports and even justifies the Slaughter." In their minds, yeah the animals already dead, but eating it is just giving the killers a financial reason to keep on with their murdering. I'm not vegan (<3 Bacon) but I get their reasoning.

It's supply and demand. Every purchase you make (or don't make) effects a companies bottom line. If less people are eating meat, less animals will be slaughtered.

It would not be economically viable to keep feeding + butchering animals if people did not buy the product.

Thus my choice of not eating animals does make a difference.

I don't eat meat because I have never liked the taste of it. That being said, animals wouldn't need to be butchered in the first place if people weren't eating it! And for those "do gooders" who try to impose their don't eat meat on the rest of society; I think they should grow their own food and not depend on any goods from anyone or anywhere in the world. With that I say: "Good Luck".

because its still meat
thats kinda the point, it WAS a living being
thats like asking a person, why not eat dead humans, they arent alive now

that they are dead isnt the focus, that they were alive is

i dont know why some peopel choose to force their views on others, but that isnt just veges who do that, thats anyone and everyone

Many don't believe eating meat is healthy.

As to animal and eco concerns, its called a boycott. Look into it.

Would you eat a dead baby? After all its dead! Should show you how silly that argument is.

Because they think killing the animal is wrong.

because they dont like killing animals

They don't want to support the action of an animal being chopped up and slaughtered.
Just because it's already been done, doesn't mean it is OK to follow the sheepish bandwagon, believe what you're fed by the USDA, eat an unnecessary food item which is wrought out of the action of murder and eat it too.
That would be like dropping litter on everyone else's litter, when you know it's wrong. Or saying"yeh the war is wrong but what are you gonna do?"

THink about this- there are millions of vegetarians around. That means tonight there are a few million animals that won't have been raped, murdered or slaughtered.
Personally I didn't become a non meat eater for this reason, I just knew instinctively it was wrong to eat other animals, I'm made of flesh, and eating the same tissue matter was wrong, biologically and chemically. I don't have digestive enzymes to dissolve meat, like a lion or dog.

Meat is only meat once it's dead. Before that, it's a life, just like you or I. I didn't want that animal to be forced to die, and I didn't want it's mother to be force-raped by a farmer shoving semen up its rear end- but that happened, and this animal was born in to a horrible existence. So I don't really want to support that, or support killing any wild animal that probably has children, friends and family in it's den. I'd never want to support that. What kind of thug would I be to support that? It didn't do me wrong.
It's only a fraction of the total 600 billion livestock that are made just to eat, but it's something.

Also, vegetarians might not agree with totally barbaric farming methods- torture of cows and pigs, sheep being skinned alive etc, and they don't want any part of that, regardless of the outcome of their single action.

Many vegetarians don't like meat, it tastes gristly, chewy, rubbery texture, doesn't digest easy like an orange, makes your body produce too much acid, so they don't eat it, because it's not a natural human food.

Doing something you know is right, regardless of how many others are doing it, and regardless of the worldwide outcome, is one of the things that makes humanity what it is- we have intellect and choice and knowledge to do things differently.

In your view, you could say, what's the point of living, we're dead soon anyway.

Lastly, I don't know why some vegetarians force their views on people, maybe the same reason you come here to the VV section to ask why VV try to argue their points on others?


They want a lower place on the food chain.

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