Can vegetarians eat...?!

Question: Can vegetarians eat...?
m&m's, as long as they don't eat the red ones? I'm a vegetarian and I know that E120 is used in making them (cochineal) for the red colouring. So is anything else used in them and will I be able to eat all of them apart from the red ones?


Well, if you're vegetarian for animal welfare reasons, you're still BUYING the M&Ms which is contributing to animal cruelty which doesn't really make much sense to me...and if you're veggie for health reasons then why are you eating M&Ms lol. But it's entirely up to you.

I also read somewhere that M&Ms contain rennet which comes from the stomach lining of a calf, so you might want to double check on that.

Hawkeye8: Most of us HAVE to drive cars. We don't HAVE to eat meat. And FYI not all veggies drive.

How do we support intensive farming and slaughter if we are veggie??? Unless you mean intensive crop farming, and again many of us do not have the choice, we cannot all live on produce from our own gardens. What do you want us to eat, rocks?

Do nothing to help the environment? F*ck you. Being vegetarian DOES help the environment and most us DO make changes to our live to help the environment in other ways.

As for living in "concrete cities or towns" if you support a mass exodus to the countryside then the countryside becomes the city and all we have are cities.

Your brain doesn't operate with logic, does it?

Oh, and BTW I don't support overpopulation...most veggies realise its a big problem. I myself am having no children because I DON'T want to support overpopulation.

Get your facts straight you ignorant d*ckhead.

I do not get it why some veg/vegans obsess with things like this when they drive cars, support intensive farming and slaughter, do nothing to help the environment and live in concrete cities or towns and buy many products and most of all support human overpopulation.

It beats me, shame you do not obsess with what counts!!!

On the bottom of this linked page, it says that NO m&m's are vegetarian, regardless of color

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