Why do many vegetarians think humans are not meant to eat meat?!

Question: Why do many vegetarians think humans are not meant to eat meat?
I just had a roast beef sandwich today. Generally I avoid red meat (takes longer to digest, more cholesterol/calories), but I see no harm in eating it once or twice a month. The meat I mainly eat is chicken, turkey, and fish (all grilled/roasted, never fried).

But I've had vegetarians lecture me saying that humans are meant to consume meat. I know vegans have different reasons for not eating meat. Some are doing it to keep their weight down. Some are animal rights people. Some may just not like the taste of meat. Some have the belief that humans are herbivores. Or all of the above.

I talked to a personal trainer, who's he's in excellent shape (low body fat, toned physique), and he told me that without question humans are supposed to eat meat. He eats it every day. He mainly sticks to chicken or fish, but has red meat once a month. He was explaining to me that human teeth is designed like a omnivore's, not a herbivore. We have canine-like teeth designed for shredding meat. Also he was explaining that there are like 17 different proteins (I don't remember the exact number) and meat has many of them. My biology professor also explained to me that vegetarians are missing out on certain nutrients, proteins, and amino acids.

When you look at a lot of vegetarians, many of them look sickly, weak, and scrawny. Somebody I know was telling me about a fruit-a-terian that he knows that only consumes fruit, and described him as looking ghostly & skeleton-like. Almost all professional athletes consume meat for strength.

Look, I'm an animal lover. And am for animal rights. But I feel humans are meant to eat meat. If I were swimming in shark infested waters, the sharks would eat me too. It's about survival of the fittest. And mankind has been consuming meat since caveman times. Biology intended for us to eat meat. Meat is a food meant for humans, and we know it is, because A -- our tastebuds tell us that it tastes good, and B -- it's packed with various nutrients that give us fuel and keep us alive.


Biologically speaking, not eating meat makes you angry and aggressive. Just read the posts for the proof!

Our dentition and digestive tract are design optimally for the ingestion of vegetable based foods, due to the wonders of evolution we are adapted to survive, if necessary by eating meat, but this is sub-optimal

The rest of your blather is lies


This is what made me become vegetarian.

Some vegetarians don't believe in the way we get our meat so they eat fish and usually organic foods because its more natural
watch food inc for more info

Because they think precious animals have souls and it's not right to eat them. So dumb...God created animals for us to eat.

well good for you, this is the VV section, where a lot of people think humans are NOT meant to eat meat.

We have no meat teeth like dogs, cats or lions.
We have 20 times weaker digestive juice than a meat eater.
We have long twisting knobbly intestines FAR different from short smooth meat eaters' intestines and omnivores intestines- outr are plant eaters intestines.
We are the only animals that inexplicably ( well, it's for personal taste innit) eat other animal flesh, and get poisonous toxins from it- cholesterol and rotting matter in our lower intestine, and die from it.
No other wild animal eats food that makes it sick. Only us. Nature does not create beings or organisms to eat and take sustenance from the things around it, to make it sicken and die. No, the opposite. Nature makes things to eat off the elements around it to THRIVE and grow healthy.

Not eating meat will not make a blind bit of difference to a human for good health but it CAN create poison and disease in the human body. Not so with plant foods.
Vegetarians who don't eat from the full range of ready -meals that nature gives them- nuts, seeds , berries, soybeans, beans, legumes, leaves, sap, palnt based foods, easily obtainable to any human0- he doesn't have to shoot a gun or run 70 mph to get these foods-will get a deficiency yes. But nobody is supposed to eat badly in the first place.
Eating from ALL of nature's plant foods around us, and we're fitter and more healthy than anything.

Don't pretend that the vegetarian with a vitamin deficiency is actually eating real spinach, nuts, seeds, fruit, oils and plant based foods like he , being the same part of nature as the energy that created the trees and bushes giving out the food, is any different.
HE's part of nature, and it does us no good to only eat limited food resources. Any deficient vegetarian is that way becuase they're not eating properly, and meat isn't the world doctor here. Meat isn't the final piece of the puzzle, good nutrition is.

Yup, I'm checking now, I really don't find any canine teeth.

When you look at a lot of vegetarians they're sickly weak and scrawny.
HAHAHAHAA! So funny. Yeehhhh, how can you tell the healthy , fit, and glowing ones????????
Would they be sitting next to the oily smelly obese neat eaters??
Come off it.

If you like to eat animal flesh, go for it, but don't pretend it's anything else.

Humans are not designed to eat meat, our intestines are far too long and are not able to healthily digest meat unlike natural carnivores like lions that have short intestines that are built to eat meat.We do not have canine teeth to naturally devour meat. Our appendix is not functional anymore because we have become meat eaters. Early man were vegetarian until they saw wild animals hunting prey and they started to copy them..

Experience of being vegetarian for 25 years and regularly running marathons.

I don't know whether or not humans were meant to consume meat, but i know that we were not meant to treat meat animals in the way that we do today. We have to remember that meat comes from a once breathing, living animal and if we are conscious of this and make choices that do not support animal cruelty, then we are headed in a good direction.

I have never seen any sickly looking vegetarians or vegans. I have a 6 ft tall 13 year old at home who has never eaten meat and eats a mostly vegan diet. To answer your question, there is a recent study done by an anthropologist suggesting that we didnt evolve that way originally. Also the multiple medical studies that are out there. It is a simple matter of research which doesnt include asking one person at a gym. I do not believe for a moment that your biology professor would say that, because it isnt true and it has been medically proven for decades. Several common health problems come from too much protein in the diet. Kidney damage, gout and others.

If this is your dearly held belief then by all means carry on as you were. But why are you in the vegetarian section proselytizing? Frankly I am only interested in the health of my family and friends and to that end we made major life changes including going from long term vegetarianism to almost completely raw food. This is my experience. You can choose your own. But I dont like your demeanor, your facts are not based on any sound research and you are posting in a section where people are sharing recipes and support. We have no need of your uneducated opinions and you are doing what you all accuse vegetarians of doing, and which I have NEVER in 20 years heard a vegetarian or vegan do.

not all vegetarians eat as they should and give health reform a bad name but i am 200 lb and have to make my self behave and not overeat. personally not sure why you feel you have to eat meat I am Vegetarian and my mother never eat meat sense age of three and was very healthy active and grew her own garden myself not as active out of doors as i should be but can lift 10 lb in each hand and do it occasionally for about 20 seconds at shoulder length not to bad for a female? some active persons do much better but I do not do it often as i should and have not advanced to next level by persistence. but could if I tried.
I have been vegetarian from birth and have survived over 50 years and still get around the house and move furniture and lift boxes that weigh 30 lb. do some green house but no where what mom did I guess a little lazy but you do not have to eat meat to be strong and have weight also.

I'm a biologist and a lactoovopescovegeterian, I studied mammamlogy, one of the things that was emphasized was the dentition. From this perspective I can say we humans are from the Ape family, the Apes are ovnivores in general, have sophisticated dentition that allows to chopping, shredding and chewing. A lot of animals do no have the ability to chew. It is just matter of preference now on this days for different reasons.

I choose this way because I know what goes on the food, even more I work on a food testing laboratory. (I was this way before I started working there).

Humans are not "meant" to eat meat, just as we are not "meant" to eat chocolate in that we will not die without them. However we cannot survive without foods containing carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, grains, fungi or algae.

But why do people continue to post this identical question under different names? Is this the same deluded biology professor and personal trainer that "The Equalist" referred to over a year ago when he/she first posted this rant? Is it a recommended thing on an anti-veg troll resource website or something? Maybe an initiation ritual perhaps?



vegan biologist

tree hugging hippie crap

The vegan diet is not natural. Humans are biologically omnivores. The only way people can be vegans is because of money and fully stocked grocery stores. There are literally millions of people on this planet that don't really have a choice of what to eat. They have to eat whatever they can find to survive. Before world wide shipping, money and grocery stores, this is how it was for everyone. For millions of years people had to eat what was in their LOCAL region (walking distance). When a human is stuck with foods that are only in their local area, there is not much variety and they have to eat whatever they can get just to survive. Most places on Earth are either a cold climate, a hot dry climate, or a climate with seasons. In all cases meat was a MUST for survival, and since it was this way for Millions of years humans have evolved as omnivores.

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