Question about iron supplements?!

Question: Question about iron supplements?
I was taking iron supplements but I was afraid that I was getting far too much iron which I know isn't good either. However, I'm afraid now that I am lacking iron, I don't feel symptoms or anything but I stupidly forgot to eat plenty of iron-rich foods. I think I'm okay, but I was just wondering if I should take supplements again, and if so how often, etc? Oh, and I'm 17 and a vegetarian but doing my research into becoming vegan (how I came across my lack of iron-rich foods, haha)

Thanks in advance. :)


Too much iron can be very bad for you...iron supplements are dangerous if taken to excess. Focus on getting it in your diet instead...

Spinach, curky kale and broccoli
baked beans (a half can provides quite a lot of iron)
Dried apricots, prunes and figs (great for snack attacks)
blackstrap molasses (sweet, sticky by-product of sugar products...lots of vegetarians take a couple spoonfuls of this a day for iron and other stuff. You'll either love the taste or hate it)
red lentils
brown rice
sesame and pumpkin seeds (sprinkle a spoonful of raw seeds over salads, soups, and your evening meal)
dark chocolate (don't use this as an excuse to go on a binge lol)

Also get lots of vitamin C as it helps iron absorption in the body.

It really depends if you're male or female. If you are female you should, anemia is the medical term for lack of iron in your blood. Iron levels are lowered faster whenever you lose any blood or when you build a lot of muscle, some signs are cold fingers and toes and drowsiness. You could always take an iron supp. every two days if you want, it couldn't hurt. I eat a lot of iron rich foods and take a supp. so I doubt you will OD any time soon. You could ask your doctor to check your iron level, its a simple test and ask them. good luck

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