I'm looking for some tasty tempeh recipes?!

Question: I'm looking for some tasty tempeh recipes?
I want to start trying tempeh, but first I need some recipes. Anyone got any that rock?


Hi! I've found some on the web..you can try it:

Well done. Tempeh, being a fermented soy product, is way better for you than tofu. I eat a lot of tempeh. My main way of cooking it is just cut it into small pieces about the size of a pencil and about 1 inch / 2 cm long. Dry fry or use just a bit of olive oil or peanut oil. At this stage it can be added to almost anything. My favourite thing though is to fry it, then add Kecap Manis (sweet soy sauce), and let it all sort of caramelise. The tempeh then gets eaten straight from the pan! Any that survives the cooking process goes into meals like fried rice, or as a side for Gado Gado (Indonesian salad with peanut sauce).

Also, you can slice it fairly thinly, lightly cook in frypan or under a grill, then use in a vegie burger or sandwich.

need a recipe? I can not help you I love tofu but t4emph is not my flavor. Good luck!

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