Are smoothies a good breakfast?!

Question: Are smoothies a good breakfast?
but my mum makes me eat. I am underweight, but don't worry, I've always been so. I do eat normal meals every day, haha.

Anyways, I am in love with fruit. I just want to make a fruit smoothie for breakfast. You know, peaches and strawberries thrown into the juicer. Maybe a banana too. Or even spinach, green smoothies sound good. I won't be having a tiny smoothie either, maybe 20 ounces of it? Something like that.

Is having fruit at breakfast a good thing? Why?


Yes i like them they are really good,

Fruit smoothies sound like a good breakfast to me. Try adding some protein. You can do that by making the smoothie with milk, adding peanut butter to your smoothie, or eating a handful of nuts along with it.

Here are some great fruit smoothie recipes to try;

I hope this helps!

Linda from

They're perfectly fine for breakfast. I have either a raw green smoothie followed by raw cereal and sprouted almond milk for breakfast every morning or a fruit smoothie with a powder of protein and other things I need and it's working well for me.

yes they are :D omnomnomnom - minus the spinach
because its healthy and will boost your metabolism

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