do vegans drive luxurious cars?!

Question: Do vegans drive luxurious cars?
with leather seats and leather steering wheel or do they ride bicycles with stabilisers


You can get them customized to get non-leather seats and steering wheels.

*edit* My family owns a bunch of luxury car dealerships.

I'm getting a customized Mercedes hybrid for my birthday next year.

A merc is a merc regardless of what's inside it. Leather is a nasty material for any form of seating - really cold in cold weather, too hot and sticky in hot weather, it's not washable, costs a fortune and is slippery. Why would anyone want it in a car in the first place? I've never understood that, or leather sofas. Just not snuggly enough.

Well, since vegan's don't eat or use any animal products, then no... they do not drive cars with leather seats. If you are a vegan with leather seats, then you are not really a vegan.

Not a vegan, but I don't like leather seats... waste of money.

I don't even own a car. I ride public transit. When my boyfriend and I need to go to a place that isn't accessible, he rents, but I don't recall having gotten a car with leather seats. As far as I remember, they're typically fabric.

Why not both??

I would drive a luxury car without leather interior, but honestly, I don't feel like I need it. A good ole' Honda or Toyota car with good gas mileage is what I plan on driving... even when I am making 200K/ year. (In the future)

Student vegan

I'm sensing a false dichotomy in your question.

~ethical vegan~

"a merc without the leather is just not a merc"

Um...yes it is....

Synthetic material are bad for the enviroment even they are vegan friendly.

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