Is it safe to freeze left over risotto?!

Question: Is it safe to freeze left over risotto?
I made a mushroom risotto but have a lot left over.


Ignore the first three comments.

I'm a chef and have worked in some very high-class restaurants, 99% of chef's including me and even including someone such-as Gordon Ramsay does the same, where we pre-cook risotto rice and reheat during service. There is NO problem at-all with this. Just make sure you cook it to a high-enough temperature to kill-off bacteria. A freezer does not kill bacteria, it just sends them to sleep; thus stopping them from reproducing.

Rice is one of the worst possible things that you can reheat EVER. Even more so if it's been frozen.

If in doubt, throw it out.

No. I really wouldn't want to eat frozen then reheated risotto, if its the veg then if its wrapped in cling film.

if its veggie then yes and just defrost it when u wana eat it then refry it with some soy sauce or sumthin

was a vegetarian

No. Frozen risotto can cause a nuclear reaction. Do you want to end the world?

What do you think you eat in a restaurant?

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