Need what to eat and not eat?!

Question: Need what to eat and not eat?
I weigh 280 lbs and I would need to know what to eat and not to eat to lose all my darn weight,see I really hate looking and feeling so dam fat,all I see is fat all my life Ihave been fat,I hate it please help


Cut out sugar. Try to avoid things that are overly fatty, but above everything, avoid sugar! Biologically it makes a huge difference, and your body starts breaking down its fat stores.

Exercise too! Even if it's just a little bit.

High protein and fibre are good in a diet to lose weight. Cut down unnecessary carbohydrates. Skip bread at dinner. Have more vegetables with your meal and avoid potatoes. Try replacing your milk for skimmed or semi skimmed. Don't take sugar in your tea/coffee. Don't snack unnecessarily. Replace unhealthy foods with healthier ones rather than cutting them out altogether, because you will get used to them.

Don't change too dramatically, because it becomes too easy to be tempted!

The more real and less processed the food is the better. Substitute bread made of flour to manna or Ezeikel bread, it is bread made from sprouted grains and seeds. Try a RAW cereal also made with sprouted grains. Try to avoid dairy, dairy is very fattening and hard to digest. Try soy or almond milk instead of animal milk. Eat pure organic fruits and veggies. You can have a salad as simple as spinach and chopped carrots, easy as pie. Stay away from the ranch and bleu cheese though, try balsamic instead. Amy's organics has awesome lentil soup, also many other soups to choose from but lentils are good for ya. Amy's also has bean burritos.. Easy way to eat your beans. Peanut butter that consists of organic peanuts and nothing more..NO hydrogenated oils! Peanut butter on fruit and nut manna bread is really tasty! Hummus is a good choice too, I make hummus sandwiches with
Ezeikel bread, add tomatoes and lettuce its good! You can have brown rice pasta too if you find it hard to avoid pasta, just avoid the traditional flour pasta. What about a health shake? I use vega whole food health optimizer it is vegan and 30% raw. It has very little calories yet 100% daily value of lots of nutrients. Also the first thing you should do is drink some herbal detox tea to flush out the toxins in your body, gotta be organic though you don't wanna flush out toxins with toxins from chemicals used on non organic herbs. there are other herbal teas that aid in weight loss too.

If you want to lose weight eat lots of vegetables and stay away from things with lots of fat and anything that is processed. Anything green will be healthy for you and if you stay away from bad stuff for the most part you will be good. A little exercise will also go a long way. Walking is the best exercise I've found, walking moderately for at least 30 minutes a day.

Its very big question and it all depend on your lifestyle and your age.
In general, try ti introduce vegetables, fruits, wholemeal bread, legumes and protein to your every day food. Try your best to avoid sugary food and cokes.

Increase your daily activity, walking, running, climbing the stairs or bike. * the minimum is 20 minutes 3-4 times/week.

Very important: Learn how to read the nutrition labels. (Calories, fats, carbs, protein, fibre, sugar and salt). Its avaliable on internet and youtube.

Track your BMI.

Read more about nutrition:,, and others
*Do not give up from the first time, it is a journey. Seek help from a nutrition doctors.

Finally, think a million time before you swallow pills or do a surgery.

I lost 33kg by my self in 2 years. and now I am planning to gain some muscles :)
Good Luck!

Raw fruits and Veggies.

I have a hard time eating raw so I blend a lot of smoothies.

Beans, soy, tofu, protein and a lot of it.

Walking is a good start. I had a motorcycle accident a while back and it still affects my right knee so, I bought a spin bike. It was uncomfortable to sit on for longer than 10 mins so I got gym bike with a normal chair.

10 mins warm up
20 mins work out
10 mins cool down.

If no bike then try jogging as far as you can without stopping.
when you absolutely must stop, then stop even if its only to the end of the street.
Cool down by walking back and stretching.

Do this every day and push yourself a little bit every day to improve. YES this is a DAILY event.

Once you can jog for 30 mins with out stopping, you should be at your fittest.

Best of luck

Do little work out and try to eat healthy food like vegetables, Fruits and don't take fried things.

Try to eat vegetables and fruits then. This will help you a lot.

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