I thought Grilld's veggie pattie + gluten-free bun burger was 100% vegan, but it isn't!!! UPSET + HORRIFIED!!?!

Question: I thought Grilld's veggie pattie + gluten-free bun burger was 100% vegan, but it isn't!!! UPSET + HORRIFIED!!?
Hey so, since I started UNI 6 weeks ago, I have been going to my local Grill'd store every couple of days to get their Garden Goodness burger (without the Cheese or Mayo) on a Gluten-free bun. They had told me that all of their buns were 100% vegan, and that this burger is vegan. So I've eaten a lot of these recently ... unfortunately, tonight I decided to check the ingredients in their gf buns, and they actually contain 'milk solids' :o I AM HORRIFIED!! I have been unknowingly eating a heck of a lot of animal products, and I am absolutely devastated! I feel sick, I feel hypocritical!! I feel awful D:

My main question would be, do you think I am overreacting? Or would you be the same way?? I am so upset right now, I have been crying heaps, and my eyes are bloodshot red :(

Thank you all!!


Veganism is not a perfection or a purity. It's a philosophy, and you lived by that. Many people eat things without ever realizing it, especially when they're eating processed foods. 1. You didn't intend to eat those things, and 2. You tried to avoid it. It was an accident. Veganism isn't as much what you eat as much as what you try to not eat, if that makes sense. It's not worth crying over. You already do more than most people will ever do to avoid those things. Now that you know, you won't eat those buns. Live and learn. Many people misunderstand what vegan means, when you ask if an item is vegan-- especially in a place that doesn't share your ideals, and that serves other animal products. On their website, however, I read, "Our Traditional & Panini buns and veggie patties are vegan. To make a vegan burger, you'll need to avoid a few ingredients: herbed mayo, sweet chilli mayo, pesto, tzatziki, Caesar dressing and of course all the cheeses." They do not state that their gluten-free bun is vegan. At the end of the day, you didn't eat much of it at all anyway. One small ingredient in a recipe. Even if you've had a dozen rolls in that period, you've probably consumed not more than 1/2 cup of powdered milk over 6 weeks. Insignificant.

I'd be angry if I learned that someone misled me like this, but I don't think I would be crying. You maybe should have checked sooner, but you're human, and you don't want to have to go through the trouble every time you eat out and give a negative impression of vegans. I understand because I can be a bit lazy myself.

Just resolve to be more careful in the future.

They probably don't know the difference between "vegan" and "vegetarian".

Crying over food, though, is definitely overreacting. The Vegan Grand Council isn't going to hold a meeting and kick you out of the club. Just find somewhere else to eat. It's not the end of the world.

@Vegan_Mom: What part of "Chocolate" would make you think it doesn't contain milk?

NO vegan will ever be perfect. We make mistakes like this all the time, you just gotta keep with. When I accidently consume animal products, I get upset too, but I'm making efforts and that's what counts.

I'm a vegan.(:

No I definitely wouldn't be crying but it's a good lesson for you, always check the labels... even in foods that you eat all the time, because sometimes the ingredients can change.

HAHAHAHAH crying because you ate milk solids? LMFAO you guys take this stuff way to seriously. We were made to eat meat, stop being so picky and eat your goddamn food.

Choosing to be vegan is not about being perfect. It's about doing the best you can and having the best intentions. Everyone makes mistakes, it can be challenging and there are a lot of labels to read and animal byproducts are hidden everywhere. Don't spend another minute torturing yourself. Get back on track and find other vegan tasty foods that you can enjoy and feel good about. Remember to double check everything by asking questions and searching the internet. Also there are some reliable apps for your phone that make vegan living easier. It's okay:)


Its ok! It is just a learning experience. Now you know it's not vegan and to avoid it. This may happen again if you tend not o read ingredients.. At least until you have discovered a substantial amount of vegan friendly foods that you can base your diet around. It's ok if it doesn't happen over night what matters is you have made the choice to go vegan...eventually you will be so well educated about food you can eat and food you can't that this won't happen again. And everything will be OK.

My husband and I go to a brewery for the beer, not necessarily the food. However, I would get a tomato basil flat bread pizza and after getting it a few times I was told that there is still cheese on the crust even before the other cheese is put on. I think when I was told this, I was pregnant. (I do not recall if I was told this before I tasted the cheese, or after.) I needed to eat. The mashed potatoes I had a few times probably has milk in them. Again, because my husband wanted to go, and our daughter likes it, we went a few times while I was pregnant. (We have growlers from there and my husband wanted them filled for a few work meetings he went to. Yes, work meetings with other pastors and priests. For that matter, the kids and I are with him at a retreat with other pastors, and we brought beer. The beer from Granite City and some Guinness. I digress.)

The employee with whom you spoke might have either not known, or didn't care. For all I know, s/he could have been a manager trying to make a sale. Yesterday, I was halfway through a Cascadian Farms chocolate almond granola bar before I saw the "Contains milk and soy ingredients" line. Oops. I think when I bought them, I was in a hurry (I was grocery shopping with my four month old son, who was awake, and happy, but I wanted to go before he wanted a clean diaper or a full tummy), and saw "chocolate almond".

While I'm usually diligent in reading labels, things change and I don't notice it right away, or I miss something, etc. If you are upset and offended, write the company, telling them you are upset and felt misinformed. Also, from what I know of gluten free, it does not mean vegan.

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