How fast can I start eating meat again?!

Question: How fast can I start eating meat again?
I've recently decided that I'm going to start eating meat again after a year and a half as a vegetarian. Why does not matter, I've made my choice so don't try to convince me otherwise. Thank you :)

I know I have to ease back into it by introducing chicken stock into soups, and lean meats like fish in small doses.
My question in how slowly do I ease into eating meat? I ate tuna today and I feel fine. I don't feel uneasy or sick in any way. Should I wait a week, month, 2 months before I start to introduce small portions of chicken and beef? I'm pretty confused and would appreciate any advice.


Not everyone gets sick when they start eating meat again. Whether or not you "lose" the enzymes that break down animal proteins is sort of up in the air. You can't rule out a psychosomatic factor... that is, you've gone so long without eating animal protein, for whatever reason, and the concept makes you sick when you finally eat it. Could be either, could be neither.

Let me tell you about my experiences with this same thing. I was a vegetarian (not a vegan) for 8 years, bookended by 2 years on either end of eating only poultry. So, 8 years with no meat, 12 years with no red meat.

When I first started eating meat again, I had a few appetizer shrimp at a hibachi restaurant. I felt a little queasy, but didn't get super sick. The next day I had a couple bites of sweet & sour chicken from a Chinese place and I felt fine. The day after, I had a full-on cheeseburger from Steak n' Shake and I was sick for two days.

So, based on my experiences, I would say to just take it easy, and try to eat good quality meats for the first couple weeks. That cheeseburger was stupid. It was delicious, but greasy and fatty and who really knows what all is in ground beef at chain places.

I don't think you need to wait all that long at all. Days, definitely, not weeks. I'd say have a little bit of meat every day and by next week you should be back into the whole omnivore thing without much trouble.

If you want to go slow, then go slow. If you want to go fast, go fast.

Your body will let you know soon enough what the "right" way is. I've known and seen long time vegetarians eat a steak (at my restaurant) immediately and the only thing they complain about is that they ate too fast and had a slight tummy ache after.

By the way, even if you eat meat, you should not really be eating it more than 4-5 times a week and in large portions anyway. So you might want to restart on those terms.

The stomach enzymes that digest the protein in beans will digest the protein in meat. You probably don't have to wait at all. Just don't get all crazy and eat a huge, spicy BBQ pork meal in one setting. Eat reasonable portions of beef, chicken or pork, go easy on spices and you'll be fine.

Welcome back to a natural diet that includes meat.

Just start eating it. Your body is designed to eat meat. Humans are omnivores. You don't lose the ability to eat it. When a baby eats meat for the very first time they don't get sick.

Nope that is a vegan myth, a baby has Never had meat and I have never heard of a baby going to the hospital because they ate meat.

Nope you can start right away. Every week up the amount a bit til your at the amount of it you want. But be prepared you may gain a little weight coz just by stopping eating meat I lost like 4 pounds and it`s easier to gain then lose. Just be sure to eat it in a heathy way like chicken or turkey =)

Try to eat smaller portions, and definitely eat less fatty meats. So fish, chicken, turkey are all good meats to start on. You can then move to bigger portions of those meats and maybe start on tiny portions of beef, lamb, pork, etc... Just take it slow, or you may get sick.

I was vegetarian for four years as a teen (went back to meat, now I'm vegan) and I just started eating meat again. its highly unlikely you're going to get seriously ill. You may puke a little, but probably not even that. I have never heard of a veggie going omni ending up in the hospital.

I woulnd't be too worried. I used to go months and months with no meat, then eat a huge steak. It'd make my head feel really wierd, but it never upset my stomach. You neverknow though, if your sensitive, definitly go slow, with really small portions.

you should be able to go back into chicken and beef within the month, if you have any pains / discomfort just lower portions next time.

Try eating a little each week..if nothing happens then you can start eating meat again..

I'm guessing that you were eating eggs and dairy as a veggie? You should be fine introducing meat back into your diet as fast as you like. I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian and I was fine when I started eating meat again, but now as a vegan, if I eat any meat or meat broth I get violently ill. I think it has something to do with not consuming animal products at all verses consuming some.

Uhm, immediately?
You may be fine to eat pork hocks right now. Honestly. Eat pork tonight. I don't see why you'd have an issue. People rarely stop eating meat because it gives them explosive residue, so taking up the practice of flesh eating shouldn't give you more than that good old heavy gut after a few days. Your stomach will be fine. It's used to other non food items surely? Like additives and processed E numbers and all that? Meat might be the same as eating sand or mud for the first time. It won't kill you or make you sick, just take a while to register with your body.

It's usually fatty and a little indigestible compared to vegetable foods and fruit, but if you've been eating cheese and pasta and other non fibre foods, I wouldn't forsee an issue.

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