HElpp need way more answerz .?!

Question: HElpp need way more answerz .?
Ok , well i may be pregnant and i am very scared , me and my boyfriend had an intercourse and we used know protection what so ever , so recently i had went to the GYNO and they had did an exam on me and the lady didnt tell me anything about pregnacy what so ever but she swab my cervix and then said i can leave. Ok so then my GYNO had called my house to speak with me saying that my test results are in and that i would need to go back to be seen , and just so you know i had a doctors appointment on a tuesday and they called me with in the same week on a thursday could i be pregant ??? idk can anyone help ???? or did this happen to anyone befor ... also they did no blood work what so ever ND THEY JUST CHECKED ME FOR HIV SWAB IN THE MOUTH AND IT CAME BACK NEGATIVE .!!!


If the doctors didn't tell you that you're pregnant that means you're probably not..

Oh yeah, and I heard someone say that when you're pregnant you throw up all the time. If you're not throwing up then you're fine. (:

Ask when you go back to the doctor. Usually when you are pregnant they will tell you right then. But all we can do is guess for you, the doctor is the one who can verify if you are or aren't pregnant.

I hope you aren't pregnant because you don't even understand the English language.

But guess what, if you are, the doctor will tell you dummy. What do you need help with? Use protection, stupid.

1) Pretty sure this has nothing to do with being a vegan or a vegetarian..
2) I think you could possibly be overreacting over nothing, do a couple of home tests to put you at ease before your doctors appointment (unless they come back positive of course) then get a test done at the doctors to know for sure (even if the tests say no)
3) You seem really young due to your horrid spelling and such, it was dumb to not use protection and completely your fault if you are pregnant, or if you get an STI or something.
4) If you are pregnant there are lots of options if you don't want to keep the baby, for example adoption.
5) In the future BE RESPONSIBLE. Get birth control, use protection, abstain from sex if you can't do those two things. Honestly, if you're going to be stupid about sex when you don't want a baby, it's your fault if you are pregnant. Talk to your doctor, family, etc.

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