i have eaten pizza every single day for ten years and never get sick, am i a genius?!

Question: I have eaten pizza every single day for ten years and never get sick, am i a genius?
im pretty sure i am


Vegans taste like chicken.

somehow i don't think you are a genius because you eat pizza everyday, and it isn't exactly brain food. but i'm sure you can still get an award for the most unhealthy person of the year?

No that doesn't make u a genies. If you ask me it makes you pretty stupid. Sick or not. My dad did the same thing and years later it hit him. Your stupid for even putting yourself at risk.

You may not have gotten sick, but I'm sure you've gained plenty of weight along the way..

Your body might have just adjusted to eating pizza everyday, meaning that you wouldn't get sick.

No, you are person with a boring palate. And 10 years is a short time..10 more years, and you may start seeing "the" results.

No, just incredibly boring.

You have gotten some pretty mean answers. Have you ever heard of the show freaky eaters? You would be great for that.

I real genius would already know the answer to this question and not have to ask.

Yeah, I think that puts you on the same level as Einstein. >.>

I ate a vegan once she tasted like chicken.

Are you a genius? Dunno.....what's your IQ?

for 10 years?

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