Tips on becoming a vegetarian?!

Question: Tips on becoming a vegetarian?
I know that's kind of a stupid question, but I need to know what foods I should eat in place of meat. Also, any suggestions on vitamins I could take?
I'm trying to make up a list of things I should buy when I go out shopping later on. ;p


Go find your nearest big Thai, Chinese or Korean supermarket.

They will sell fresh tofu- not that nasty floppy stuff in white tubs.
They will sell baked tofu.
They sell seaweeds, of all kinds, dried, richly tangy, seaweed chips and all kinds of snacks.
They sell "Mock Duck"
They sell dried vegetables, mushrooms, greens and all kind of soup items.
They sell miso paste, in about 100 different varieties.
They sell nut flours, soy flour soybeans, bean flour, walnut and chickpeas flour, and all cheaper than a health food shop.
They sell bean milk, soymilk, nut milks etc.

There are more sources of good protein in plant foods than the solitary meat food group.

Beans, nuts, lentils, seeds, tofu, soybeans, all kind of vegetables and fruit- coconut, pumpkin, avocado etc, all have protein. You won't need a supplement at all, that is unless you were eating meat 80% of your diet before,

Why people say you need a supplement is beyond comprehension.
Eat soil grown spinach, from a farmers market- mushrooms, beans- you get b12 from all that.

Cutting out the meat group takes away a lot of your main source of protein. Try your best to get protein from other foods. I would recommend eating a pretty good amount of peanuts and soy beans. The first link I have in the "source" section tells you how much protein is in good protein-bearing foods and how much meat generally has so you know exactly what you need to live up to.

The second link in my sources section gives a lot of information about vitamins you should get. One of the ones it focuses on is B12. That is one I would recommend you take, as lack of it could be serious, and meat is the main source of it.

Meat products are everywhere nowadays, and you just need to know how to avoid them. Just stick to your fruits, veggies, breads, and (if you are not intent on being vegan) dairy, and you'll hardly notice you cut meat out of your diet.

Good luck:) I hope you stick with it!……

You will find plenty of healthy protein in soya, beans and pulses, cereal, tofu, green vegetables, nuts and seeds. Meat does not contain as much protein as meateaters seem to think and the damage that meat does to your health far outweighs eating it to get a bit of protein. You should not need suppliments if you are eating an healthy diet unless your doctor suggests it because plant based diets provide all the nutrients you need.

Don't eat anything that has meat in it.

tip: dont eat meat

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