new vegetarian help? tips?!

Question: New vegetarian help? tips?
i have just become a vegetarian, although i have been thinking about it for a while, i finaly decided to do it. if anyone could give me tips and advice, that would be very helpful (im 13 so i don't have much money)


Cereal in the morning, fruit mid day, PBJ or something like that at lunch. Eat everything at supper except the meat. Try to make sure a lot of different fruits and vegetables and have something with protein in it every day. Protein is from nuts legumes. Beans are cheap and you can make all sorts of different foods with it. Maybe your parent or guardian can help you explore cooking with beans or you can help them.

You're still in the developing age, try to substitute protein as much as possible eating lots of tofu or soy products, legumes with carbs and nuts. Other than that, you get used to not eating meat, I even find sausages disgusting now. (They're like salt with texture)

Don't eat meat

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