What vegetarian dish goes well with potatoes dauphinoise?!

Question: What vegetarian dish goes well with potatoes dauphinoise?
I was going to make a nice dinner for my flatmates and they said they really like potatoes dauphinoise. They are vegetarian and I was trying to think of a tasty main course to go with the potatoes. Does anybody have any ideas?


Dauphinoise potatoes are very heavy and creamy. If you're going with the French theme, then a side of Ratatouille and a French lentil salad would balance things out great.


French lentil salad:

Stuffed peppers,quorn burgers,cheese salad,baked onions stuffed with quorn chicken,tomatoes stuffed with chopped boiled egg and chives and maybe just veggie sausages and some mushrooms.

vegetable soup with a tomato base with potatoes carrots onions garlic brown rice and great northern beans
and if not alcohol then a white grape juice would be light.

Vegetables in a rich tomato sauce, maybe purple sprouting broccoli or green beans

Try mash or french fries for a well balanced meal

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