Can a girls period stop if she isn't eating right?!

Question: Can a girls period stop if she isn't eating right?
I haven't had my period since July 5 2010..that was when I lost some weight and began exercising more and ate healthy...I'm 16 now...should I be worried....
Like today I only had a cup of fatfree yogurt, grapes, 20 honey wheat pretzels I grazed throughout the day, a bowl of natural airpopped corn, and a granola bar..I also walked heaps today and exercised in the morning


You need to see your doctor about your period, and a dietitian about your shocking diet.

Here's what a 16 year old should be eating per day - 5-11 serves breads/cereals (this means grain foods - and mostly not out of a packet like granola bars), 2-4 serves of vegies, 3 serves of fruit, 3 serves of dairy or alternatives, 1 serve of protein foods. (Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents in Australia - from the National Health and Medical Research Council.) No wonder your body is complaining!

Edit: you definitely DON'T need to eat meat to get the serve of protein, just have more grains, nuts, seeds, vegies and legumes/pulses. AND less pre-made things from packets!

yes, easily. Nothing to do with vegetarian or vegan or meat or not- if you're eating less, and less fat in particular, and excersizing more ( although the excersize isn't the main factor) your periods can stop.

Eat more, and more fats, avocado, coconut, soymilk, ice cream, and healthy soyfoods. TOfu, peanut butter, almond butter etc.
GOing without a period for a while can really damage your healthy in the future- even though it might not seem important at the time.

My girlfriend had this problem a while back. She was fooled by the nut jobs of 'peta' None of that stuff is real you know. It's over dramatized to grab your attention. So she went vegan and she stopped her period and started having really bad health problems. Once I made her eat normally again her health returned and so did her period.

Yes, your period will stop if your body fat percentage drops below a healthy level. Google "anorexia nervosa" because it sounds like you have it. And see a doctor. Eating 500 calories a day is not "eating healthy."

stress can cause it to stop but if you eat like that you are low on iron and that can be a problem also you may want to get the doctor to do a blood pannel on iron levels.

Yes, it is possible for menstruation to cease because of long-term malnutrition.

But I would be surprised if that is what's going on here. It doesn't sound like you eat a lot, but you're not starving to death.

It's due to insuffiecient nutrition. It is called amenorrhea.

Yes it's a sign of an eating disorder and you need to talk to your doctor not yahoo.answers about it.

Yes, it is possible for a girl's period to stop if her body fat drops below a certain level. Your lunch sounds alright, but it's a little low in calories and healthy fats. Healthy fats (monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, & omegas) actually help your body to absorb more nutrients from the fruits & vegetables you're eating, and promote overall good health. Fat consumed does not equal fat in the body. It all depends on what kind of fat you're eating, and how much of it. For example, an avocado would not have the same effect on your body as a double bacon cheeseburger. It's a different kind of fat.

I would talk to your doctor if I were you to make sure you are on a healthy track. Going without your period for any length of time can severely damage your body, and cause trouble if you ever want to have children. Exercising is good, but just check with a doctor to make sure.

Good luck & take care of yourself! =)

If you are vegan or vegetarian then you are more likely to have irregular periods. This is because you do not get the proper nutrients that your body needs. Also if you eat soy products a lot that could be another factor.…

Your body needs fat from meat actually. It doesn't need excess but it needs some of it to maintain proper bodily function. A female needs about 50 grams of protein which is about 6 oz of meat a day. Have 3 oz of tuna and then 3 oz of chicken a day and you will be good. Another great product is the egg. It has so much nutrients it's not even funny. It is like an all natural multivitamin.…

Eat like how a human being should eat again and you will get your period.

(Ignore mylilbee. Her irrational views are not based off of fact. It has been scientifically proven over and over again that vegans and vegetarians are not as healthy as someone with a healthy balanced diet. Their physical performances are quite poor as well. Put one against me and I can go harder faster and longer than they can. Why? Because I eat healthy so my body is properly nourished and can use these nutrients in my exercises without me tiring out quickly.)

I think you are turning into a man.

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