What are the best things to juice?!

Question: What are the best things to juice?
What is the best Veggiesd or fruits to juice for losing weight, but feeling full?


Feeling full drink lots of water. Carrots make a sweet juice. cucumbers sort of taste like the ocean. Tomatoes apples oranges. I don't know anything that isn't ok to juice other than perhaps banana, avocado, and coconut. I'm sure somebody else will come up with something else you can't juice but there aren't many things really.

I go to this health food cafe for lunch sometimes and they have a juice called "cuke cooler" which is delicious and low-calorie and keeps me feeling full and energized.
To make it they juice cucumbers, green grapes, green apples, and I believe there may be a little bit of pepper in there which gives it a punch.

Oranges, Pears, Apples, Pineapples.

Although it might sound ick at first glance, Grapefruit juice is actually pretty tasty. It tastes somewhat like candy. Just don't add a lot of sugar to these "juices" you make.

the higher the fiber the fuller carrot juice with some pulp in it will be the best
celery makes wonderful flavour for the carrot juice and potato juice adds interest but more watery.

Herbs! So cleansing for the body. And greens!
But my favorite juice is beet, carrot, spinach or carrot parsely

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