High energy tasty vegan / vegetarian / raw foods?!

Question: High energy tasty vegan / vegetarian / raw foods?
Any suggestions on some high energy tasty foods? I'm trying to eat at least 1200 calories a day and have found it really hard to eat that much.

I don't eat sugar (i replace with stevia, maple syrup or agave), no dairy products and no processed foods. Just to be even more difficult.


Dates, bananas, avocado, raw cocoa, apricot puree-
use date and apricot puree- they' delicious and high in cals.

I could eat dates till the end of the world in 2012.
I love them.

Making a raw chocolate pudding with avocado and coco powder and agave- very easy.
Blend some cashews in coffee grinder to make a cream, add coconut shavings, and top the pudding with that.
Press the chocolate pudding into a pie crust- raw walnuts, blended with a agave, apricot puree and nut flour-= chill the pastry and fill with the coco filling and top with the cream.

There's a place I go in LA that's called real raw live. They have the most amazing raw drinks and some are seriously high in calories. Theres a fat burner and a mucus buster drink that I normally do and they're tasty! Can't remember everything that's in them but lots of kale, lemons, cayenne, brocoli, apples and beets! I would look in your area for raw food stores or look up recipes online!

Well, which do you mean? All Vegan foods are Vegetarian, but not all Vegetarian foods are Vegan. The only things I can think of that fit your request and fall within the limits of a Vegan diet are nuts and beans (peanuts, soybeans, etc) and algae powder.

corn flake, wheat flake etc.

Nuts to you!

how about EGGS

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