can you eat a raw veggie burger?!

Question: Can you eat a raw veggie burger?
just asking. I don't know if i fully cooked it but it looked golden brown to me when i ate it. tasted fine too
how do u know if it's fully cooked


If the veggie burger is egg free than you can eat it raw. I've eaten Luna burgers raw though I have to admit they taste much better cooked. Speaking of veggie burgers im having one tonight for dinner.

folks.. get an education.. just because it's not cooked doesn't make it RAW.. RAW means unprocessed... NOT uncooked.

now, take this to another category.. since most processed foods aren't vegetarian....

bye bye now! please do NOT let the DOOR smack your rear end.

i once ate it half cooked and i tasted fine, the way of knowing its fully cooked is to get a knife and stick it in the middle leave it there for 5 seconds and then pull it out and feel if its hot or not , if its cold its not cooked

It might taste better cooked.

however, it won't taste as good.

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