Uninspired- need a dinner idea?!

Question: Uninspired- need a dinner idea?
I'm sick of eating the same old thing (tacos, pasta, salad, tofu... ugh)

I need an idea for dinner that is:
1. Healthy (lots of colorful veggies)
2. Vegan
3. Easy (I don't want to spend hours on it!)

Thanks a bunch.


lol what a random douche-y thing to say that that mark vine guy said. I'm sorry u had to deal with that moron.
To answer your question...whenever im hungry and dont really feel like cooking, tofu stir fry is what i go to, its super simple, it takes like 15 minutes (less sometimes) and its delicious. Here's the recipe i usually go for (makes 1 serving)

- 100-200 g extra firm tofu, sliced into triangles
- Veggies of choice (i usually go for bell peppers, onions and mushrooms)
- 1 tbsp soy sauce
- 1/2 cup veggie broth
- salt n pepper
- olive oil for stir frying

Stir fry tofu and veggies until slightly browned and crispy, add soy sauce, then stir again and add the veggie broth and stir till thick. add salt and pepper as needed.

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