Are whales vegetarian?!

Question: Are whales vegetarian?
What is the biggest vegetarian animal? And what is the biggest meat eater?


No, all whales are carnivores, which means the largest meat eater is the blue whale. They eat tiny shrimp-like creatures called krill.
The largest vegetarian animal is an elephant.

Vegetarian is a term we only use for humans. When it comes to the diets of non-human animals, plant eaters are referred to as herbivores and meat eaters as carnivores.

Biggest living plant eater is the African bush elephant with a size ranging from 3600 to 6000kg…

There are two groups of whales, toothed whales an baleen whales. The baleen whales are filter feeders and feed on microscopic plankton. They are the equivalent of anteaters in the marine food web. The Antarctic Blue whale is the largest of this group, and not only the largest living meateater, but at 190000kg is the largest animal ever to exist. A brand new baby blue whale weighs about 2000kg!

Toothed whales eat fishes and larger marine invertebrates such as crabs, octopods etc. They include members of the dolphin family (Delphinidae) such as killer whales, porpoises etc, as well as other families which include sperm and beaked whales.…

vegan biologist

All the big ones are plant eaters.

Whales eat krill- an animal.

Not all whales eat krill, but most of them do.
Vegetarian , as GC said, is a term made by humans- the whale just eats what is has to , to live.
Krill is a lifeform with eyes, brain and nerves.

Biggest vegetarian animal- Argenitinasaurus- a dinosaur. It may have been the biggest. Over 100 tones.
Today- African Elephant. Also lives really long. Same for turtles.

Biggest meat eater- this bloke Bubba at the farmers' market, I swear...

Nope. Whales eat fish and at minimum, plankton, which are little tiny animals...of sorts.

The biggest vegetarian animal? Well... The tallest would be the giraffe and the heaviest would be the elephant.

And the sexiest would be Brittany Spears.

Killer whales aren't whales at all. They're dolphins.

Elephants are vegetarians.

Sperm Whales are carnivorous predators.

Blue whales are filter-feeders and their primary food is small crustaceans and zooplankton but they also inevitably ingest phytoplankton, so they're not strictly carnivorous.

that's just what comes to mind immediately.

Nope, they eat krill and other small fish. The biggest vegetarian I would say is the Elephant and the biggest meat eater might be a whale shark or something.


What type of whale? I know killer whales eat sharks sometimes.

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